November 03, 2016

Final Fall Photo Opps on the Mountain

Don't miss the last few weekends of peak fall foliage!

Stunning fall colors continue to cling to the mountain, and with mild temperatures sticking around for the weekend, it is the perfect time to visit the Sanctuary. This first weekend of November promises great views of the mountain and the migration.

At this time, visitors can see the greatest variety of migrants on their southbound trek. Red-tailed and red-shouldered hawk numbers will continue to increase this week, and we are about to reach the peak of golden eagle migration. This weekend, visitors have a high chance of seeing a bald and golden eagle on the same day and can maybe also spot the passing of the rarer northern goshawk.

Although the days are shortening and the temperatures are soon to drop, the mix of soaring birds against the vibrant forest is a breathtaking sight to see and to hopefully capture in a photo (don't forget about the digital photo contest!).

It's not a sight to miss. Plan your visit to Hawk Mountain ASAP!