Admission & Hours at Hawk Mountain

Purchase a Trail Pass

To reduce person-to-person contact, non-members are encouraged to purchase an advance online ticket and bring a printed copy of that ticket to the gate or Visitor Center. Members, simply present your membership card.

Online tickets are sold by week and are posted about a month out. Please select the appropriate week, day, and ticket type at the link above.

At Hawk Mountain we prioritize the safety of our patrons and staff, and we continue to follow best practices during the pandemic in accordance with the CDC guidelines.  Regardless of vaccination status, we encourage social distancing and mask wearing, especially during inside programs or visitation.

Please carry hand sanitizer in your daypack along with water, snacks, and your other outdoor and hiking gear. Carry out all trash. No pets allowed. Always enter at the trailhead gate.

Hours of Operation
Visitor Center and trails are open daily, 9 AM - 5 PM.
Hawk Mountain is CLOSED on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day, and closes at 1 PM on the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. 

2022 Deer Hunting Closures: All trails will be closed Nov. 26-27, Dec 3, and Dec 10. Nov 28-Dec 2 and Dec 5-9, only the Lookout Trail is open. Sunday, Dec 4, all trails are open. Trails are closed to ensure visitor safety. 

Trail Admission Fees and Procedure:

Proceed directly to trailhead gate. Wearing a mask for entry is recommended.
Members: Show your membership card for quick admission.
Non-members: Purchase an online ticket here and show your printed receipt.
Adults: $10
Seniors (65+): $7
Children (6-12): $5
Children 5 and under: FREE
Members are always FREE. Buy a membership now

Please enter Hawk Mountain at the Trailhead Entrance
Hawk Mountain is a private, non-profit wildlife sanctuary and hiking is limited to designated trails. Admission fees and or membership dues support our raptor conservation mission, sanctuary stewardship, and trail maintenance. Hikers are asked to access the trail system from the trailhead entrance after paying admission or pay when exiting.

If using AllTrails or another hiking app to enter from an outside location, please exit through the front gate and pay the trail fee or purchase in advance using link above. Hikers that access our trail system and who are not members and have not paid a trail fee are trespassing and may be fined. 

Notes for Winter Visitation: Hawk Mountain is open during winter, but trails are not winter maintained. Please plan and dress accordingly for snow and assume icy conditions. Wear cleats, carry all necessary supplies in a daypack, and consider using walking poles or a walking stick. 

Hiking Etiquette

Protect Others
Do not visit if you feel ill.
Wear a mask when encountering others.
Uphill hiker has the right-of-way; step aside and allow others to pass.
Announce your presence when passing from behind.

Protect Yourself
Remain at least six feet from non-family members.
Do not gather with others from outside your household.
Be prepared for winter weather, as snow and ice lingers at lookouts and rocky trails may be difficult to see and navigate.

Be Prepared
Carry a daypack with sanitizer, water, and snacks.
Bring a mask and use it upon entry and when encountering others.
Carry out all trash. No pets are allowed on the Sanctuary.
Restrooms are limited.

Enjoy Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Don’t forget your binoculars and camera.
Enjoy the big views and watch for soaring raptors.
Winter is a great time to visit, but requires extra care and planning for your own safety. Please know your own abilities and limits and consider a short walk on your first winter hike on the Sanctuary. 

Transportation: We do not offer public transportation to or from the Sanctuary and there is no nearby bus company. 

Questions or concerns? Call us at 610-756-6961.

Trail Safety 101

Tune in to this brief video from Sanctuary Steward Steve Wade about how to properly and safely prepare for a hike at Hawk Mountain. 


Hawk Mountain is not a state or federal park, but a non-profit with a raptor conservation mission. All trail fees and membership dues support our raptor conservation mission, including critically needed scientific research, international training, and public education programs, and also help to maintain the Sanctuary.

Please follow all Sanctuary guidelines! 

Rules & Regulations

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