Autumn Lecture Series 2023

Lectures take place in the Visitor Center Gallery at 5 PM unless noted otherwise. FREE to all. No registration required. 

golden eagle migrating in the West Virginia highlands, wind turbines in the background

Golden Eagles and Wind Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

Saturday, October 7

David Brandes, Chair of the Integrative Engineering program at Lafayette College and steering committee member of the Raptor Population Index project, will discuss his research and collaborative projects on understanding, modeling, and predicting movement patterns of golden eagles and other raptors in efforts to reduce the risk of eagle collisions with wind turbines.

Meet in Visitor Center Gallery at 5 PM

Black Bear

The Black Bear with the PA Game Commission

Saturday, October 14

Join staff from the Pennsylvania Game Commission as they talk about the biology of one of Pennsylvania's largest and charismatic mammals, the black bear. Also learn how you can be BearWise and prevent human bear conflict.

Meet in Visitor Center Gallery at 5 PM

Veery Tag Recovery

Migration Patterns and Overwintering Locations of Veeries in South America

Saturday, October 21

Veeries are songbirds that breed in dense, moist forests of eastern North America and are easily recognized by their distinctive song.  Using the latest tracking technology, we followed the migration of Veeries from their breeding grounds to their overwintering sites in South America.  In this lecture, Todd Underwood and Christopher Heckscher will discuss patterns of Veery migration and describe their overwintering locations and movements in South America.

Meet in Visitor Center Gallery at 5 PM

Migrating Hawks Seen from Colombia

Protecting the Country of Birds: Colombia 

Saturday, November 4

Colombia has more species of birds than any other country in the world. An initial effort for writting a National Strategy for their conservation was made 22 years ago and now Colombia is releasing the update of such document and pushing for it to become National Policy. Join HMS Board Member and former trainee Ana Maria CastaƱo to hear about the outstanding diversity of birds and the effort made by colombian citizens for protect them in the Country of Birds.

Meet in Visitor Center Gallery at 5 PM

Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania

The Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania

Saturday, November 18

Adam Waterbear DePaul, Chief of Education and Tribal Storykeeper of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, will discuss the past and present of the Lenape people, including the Lenape's relationship with William Penn, the "Walking Purchase," the Lenape diaspora and homeland nations, and current initiatives to revitalize Lenape culture, including the Lenape Language revitalization efforts and the Rising Nation River Journey. 

Meet in Visitor Center Gallery at 1 PM