Autumn Lecture Series

Lectures take place in the Outdoor Amphitheater at 5 PM unless noted otherwise. FREE to all. No registration required.

This year, all autumn lectures will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube Channel the following week for those who feel safer watching at home.

Timber Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake Conservation in Pennsylvania

September 19

Presented by Dr. Thomas LaDuke, professor of Biological Sciences at East Stroudsburg University

This talk will discuss timber rattlesnake monitoring and conservation in Pennsylvania. Join us for this fascinating lecture to learn more about this often misunderstood snake species and its important role in the ecosystem.

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lions: Uncovering the Mystery

Thursday, October 8 at 7 PM
Virtual Program - Register Here

Presented by Joshua Lisbon, MPG Ranch Education and Community Outreach Manager

Spend an evening learning about the elusive mountain lion from Joshua Lisbon, who leads a noninvasive study in Montana shedding light on their unique behaviors and social interactions. Joshua's research is being featured in a new wildlife documentary.

Snowy Owl
Climate Change and Its Impact on Raptors

October 17

Presented by Dr. JF Therrien, HMS Senior Scientist & Graduate Study Director

At the top of food webs, raptors are key indicator species as they integrate signals from lower trophic level organisms. Dr. Therrien will discuss how raptors are reacting to ongoing climate change and the importance of studying them in order to protect them.

Carolina Chickadee
Behavioral Variation in Hybridizing Chickadees

October 24

Presented by Dr. Bob Curry, Villanova Professor

The Curry lab has investigated interbreeding black-capped and Carolina chickadees at Hawk Mountain for almost 20 years, focusing on behavior. Explore current efforts to understand chickadee social networks and cognitive ecology.

Golden Swamp Warbler
Team Warbler: From Chesapeake Bay to Panama Bay

Thursday, October 29 at 7 PM
Virtual Program - Register Here

TEAM WARBLER conducts research to inform conservation and facilitates exchange of skills and resources designed to engage, educate, and promote conservation of migratory birds and wetlands . The focus of their research is a long-term study of the "Golden Swamp Warbler.”

Male and Female American Kestrels Perched on a Branch
The American Kestrel

Thursday, November 19 at 7 PM
Virtual Program - Register Here

Presented by Dr. Allison Cornell, Cedar Crest College professor

Dr. Cornell will explain her techniques to assess the state of kestrel nestlings and reproductive success, and provides potential methods to reverse the ongoing decline in American kestrel populations across North America.