Long-term Monitoring

Hawk Mountain Counters look out over North Lookout mountain landscape.
Photo by Linda Weller.

The Sanctuary scientists and volunteers have been recording data on the natural history of the Sanctuary and the annual migration past North Lookout since 1934.  We record and maintain counts of migrating raptors each autumn and each spring, and also count other migrants each autumn, including monarch butterflies, dragonflies, songbirds, and waterbirds.  Staff survey nesting and winter birds and butterflies, and keep track of natural history sightings year-round in the Sanctuary. The natural history sightings are mapped and recorded in a database to assist the Sanctuary in identifying sensitive areas that might need protection.

If you photographed or witnessed a notable natural history sighting during your visit to Hawk Mountain, email us today at [email protected]. Photographs are helpful in documenting the sighting. Please include date and location of the sighting.

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