Current Collaborations

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is involved in a variety of collaborative projects at the local, regional, and global scale. Research goals of current projects include investigation into the movement ecology, nesting success, and population dynamics of several groups of raptors. 

* This list is currently under construction as we work to comprehensively update it. *

Our current collaborators are: 

  • Andre Botha. Hooded vultures in South Africa.  
  • Dr. Margaret Brittingham, Penn State University. Northern Goshawk breeding status and ecology. 
  • Julie Brown, Jason Sodergren, and Dave Brandes. Hawk Migration Association of North America. Raptor Population Index project.
  • Dr. Evan Buechley, Hawkwatch International, UT. Movement ecology of white-backed, Ruppell's, lappet-faced, and hooded vultures in Ethiopia, and turkey vultures in the Americas. 
  • Dr. Allison Cornell, Cedar Crest College, PA.  Working on American kestrel nesting biology.
  • Momodou Lamin Dibba, Dept. of Parks & Wildlife Management, The Gambia. Road surveys and quarterly counts of hooded vultures in The Gambia. 
  • Dr. Colleen Downs, KwaZulu-Natal University. Vulture breeding ecology in Zimbabwe. 
  • Falklands Conservation, Striated Caracara.
  • Alfonso Godino. Former trainee.  Egyptian, ruppell’s , cinereous and griffon vulture movements in Europe.
  • Katie Harrington, MS,  former trainee, Striated Caracara biology.
  • International Snowy Owl Working Group. Status and trends of snowy owl populations worldwide.
  • Jim Klusarits, Alvernia University, PA. Working on American Kestrel nesting biology.
  • Dr. Sergio Lambertucci and Dr. Julian Padro. Genetic analyses of turkey vultures across the Americas.
  • Denis Lepage and Danielle Eitner, Bird Studies Canada. Raptor Population Index Project.
  • Dr. Mark Martell, MN.  Broad-winged Hawk migration ecology.
  • Dr. Terry Master, East Stroudsburg University, Broad-winged Hawk ecology.
  • Rebecca McCabe, MS.,  former trainee, McGill University, Broad-winged Hawk ecology.
  • Dr. Mike McGrady.  Vulture and eagle movements in Middle East and Africa.
  • Dr. Campbell Murn, Hawk Conservancy Trust, UK. Global vulture conservation.
  • Dave Oleyar, Hawk Watch International, Raptor Population Index project and raptor trend assessment.
  • Project Snowstorm. wintering ecology of snowy owls.
  • Pronatura Veracruz AC. Veracruz River of Raptors. raptor trends, education, and research on roost sites etc.
  • Chris DeSorbo, Biodiversity Research Institute, Maine. Broad-winged Hawk migration ecology.
  • Dr. Scott Stoleson, Northeast Forest Research Station, PA.  Collaborating on Broad-winged Hawk nesting ecology.
  • Dr. Lindy Thompson and Dr. Gareth Tate, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa. Movement ecology of hooded, white-backed, and lappet-faced vultures.  
  • Dr. Todd Underwood and Jerry Lahr. Raptor measurements from migrants on Kittatinny Ridge and health of raptor migrants using Kittatinny Ridge.
  • Dan Varland, Coastal Raptors, and Jill Radcliffe, The Raptors. Movement ecology of turkey vultures in the Pacific flyway. 
  • Dr. Cathy Viverette, Virginia Commonwealth University. Vulture genetics and American kestrel ecology research.
  • Dr. Andy Wilson, Gettysburg College, Broad-winged Hawk landscape ecology.

Hawk Mountain is also helping facilitate a variety of exciting graduate projects, coordinated by Senior Scientist and Graduate Study Director Dr. JF Therrien and the Director of Conservation Science Dr. Laurie Goodrich. To learn more about these individual projects, click here

If you would like to support any of these projects, contact Director of Conservation Science Dr. Laurie Goodrich (570-943-3411 x106, [email protected]), or click the button below to donate today. Be sure to include in the comments of the form that the online gift is for global research or the collaborative project of your choice. 

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