The first refuge for birds of prey

Founded in 1934, Hawk Mountain is the oldest and largest, member-support raptor conservation organization in the world.

Rosalie Edge

Unique History

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a landmark in the American conservation movement. 

In the 85 years since its inception, Hawk Mountain has welcomed and educated thousands of visitors. The Sanctuary was founded in 1934 by Rosalie Edge, a conservationist who saw the impact of overzealous raptor hunting on the Kittatinny Ridge. Edge originally leased 1,400 acres for the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, and it has since grown to 2,600 acres, with over 60,000 visitors per year and more than 9,000 members that keep the Sanctuary’s mission alive.

Today, Hawk Mountain is...

  • A scientific research center
  • An international conservation training site
  • A learning facility for all ages
  • A wildlife sanctuary and eco-tourism destination open to the public year-round
  • The world's largest member-supported raptor conservation organization
  • One of the best places in northeastern North America to view the annual autumn hawk migration

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View of mountains and wildflower fields from the Acopian Center

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