The Third Pennsylvania Bird Atlas

Headquartered at Hawk Mountain (2024-2029)

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Birders of all ages and skill levels are joining forces across the state as part of the monumental effort to map the breeding and wintering status of bird species in Pennsylvania. The project, supported by the PA Game Commission (PGC), headquartered at Hawk Mountain, and driven by the Cornell Lab’s powerful eBird online tools, is a five-year-long survey that will end February 2029. The PGC initiated this 3rd PA Bird Atlas to update the information they need to prioritize conservation actions and to protect the birds of Pennsylvania. Findings will guide conservation for years to come.

A handy volunteer handbook, Quick Start Guide, and detailed instructions on how to use the eBird app for this citizen science project, are all available using the links above or this link:

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Meet Atlas Coordinator Amber Wiewel

Breeding Bird Blitz

Breeding Bird Blitz Team Rosalie's Raptors
Support Team Rosalie's Raptors in the Breeding Bird Blitz


Once again, Hawk Mountain staffers will represent “Rosalie’s Raptors,” a team in the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology’s Breeding Bird Blitz happening June 9-19, 2023. We invite you to sponsor our group, which includes Laurie Goodrich, David Barber, MT Grob, and Bracken Brown. This year proceeds from the Blitz will benefit the PA Bird Atlas project, too. To learn more or sponsor, go to