Education Team Partners with Local Library

Posted on February 18, 2019 in Education

Backpack full of items to visit
Borrow a backpack filled with everything you need to visit the Sanctuary.

Over the last year, Hawk Mountain's education team has engaged an invigorated focus on creating and distributing educational materials for students and teachers locally and globally. With the creation of Raptor Trunks, the team had a coveted model for packaging and sharing physical resources for all ages, demographics, and locations.

The latest iteration is a local project. Hawk Mountain worked with the Hamburg Public Library to create a backpack available to anyone with a library card. It contains field guides, binoculars, children's books, a compass, maps, and trail passes to the Sanctuary. Any patron who borrows this backpack is ready to hit Hawk Mountain's trails with user-friendly information and interactive materials. It perfectly equips visitors young and old to become a new Mountain explorer.