Dr. Laurie Goodrich receives Conservation and Education Award

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Science

At the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) 2018 Conference, Hawk Mountain's Dr. Laurie Goodrich was nominated and selected as the first recipient of the Jerry Ligouri Conservation and Education Award.

The award is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the hawkwatching and raptor research community, and honors Jerry Liguori, the famed raptor photographer, educator, writer, and former HMANA board member.

Laurie was selected for her widespread dedication to raptor research and conservation. According to the nomination, "She has been a vital part of not only Hawk Mountain for decades, but has been serving in various capacities in HMANA, in the development of the Raptor Population Index, and she was a major contributor to The State of North America's Birds of Prey."

Additionally, she founded the Veracruz River of Raptor projects, working closely with ProNatura in Veracruz, Mexico, and currently, she continues to be a leader in broad-winged hawk research and conservation, and to contribute to ongoing research with northern goshawks and farmland raptors.

A tribute to Laurie from Jerry Liguori was read at the presentation. In it, he stated, "I am especially honored that Laurie is the first recipient. I have admired you since the 80s for your dedication, but even more for your humble and professional manner. Nobody deserves more respect than you in this field, and everyone who knows you knows that to be true. Congratulations, and thank you for being a role model and inspiration." 

About Hawk Migration Association of North America:
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