Fall 2021 Photo Contest Winners Announced

Posted on March 10, 2022 in Visitors

Hawk mountain has selected the winners, runners up, and honorable mentions of the 2021 Fall Photo Contest. Top winners will receive a free year of Mountain Membership along with a prize pack of Hawk Mountain merchandise, while the runners up will select either the membership or prize pack. All photos including the honorable mentions will be on display in the Visitor Center until April 20. 

The Fall Photo Contest is designed to encourage people to discover Sanctuary trails, scenic overlooks, and programs through the practice of nature photography. Learn more about the contest here, and stay tuned for information regarding submissions for 2022. 

Rainbow over the Ridge by Michelle DiNicola


Rainbow over the Ridge
Michelle DiNicola

Wood Frog on Patrol, Linda Dugan Partridge


Wood Frog on Patrol
Linda Dugan Partridge

North Lookout Sunrise, Fred Zahradnik

Runner Up

North Lookout Sunrise
Fred Zahradnik

Red-tailed Hawk, Patrick Maurice

Runner Up

Red-tailed Hawk
Patrick Maurice

Witches’ Butter, Amy Labella

Honorable Mention

Witches’ Butter
Amy Labella

Fall Forest, Cameron H. Fowler

Honorable Mention

Fall Forest
Cameron H. Fowler

Visitor at the Lookout, Jenni Short

Honorable Mention

Visitor at the Lookout
Jenni Short

Misty Sunrise from North Lookout, Matt Wlasniewski

Honorable Mention

Misty Sunrise
Matt Wlasniewski

Counter in the Pit, Sally Copeland

Honorable Mention

Counter in the Pit
Sally Copeland

Fall Foliage at North Lookout, Vince Pacaro

Honorable Mention

Fall Foliage from North Lookout
Vince Pacaro