October 11, 2016

Autumn Lecture Series is coming to a close

Only 2 FREE lectures remain

Two free lectures remain in this year's Autumn Lecture Series at Hawk Mountain. The remaining talks include Native Bees of Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 15 and The Intersection of Art and Science on Saturday October 29. The lectures take place in the Visitor Center Gallery at 5:30 pm.

Native Bees of Pennsylvania
Presented by Dr. Anita Collins

What's the buzz? When most people think about bees, it’s the non-native honeybee that comes to mind. However, did you know there are around 400 bee species native to Pennsylvania?

In this presentation, Dr. Anita Collins (USDA, retired) will discuss many of these species from their beauty and biology to current conservation efforts. Learn how you can attract native bees with nesting and food sources. Join us in this fascinating discussion of the diversity and importance of Pennsylvania’s native bees, and leave with a new appreciation for these invaluable creatures.

The Intersection of Art and Science
Presented by Dierdre Murphy

Deirdre Murphy is a Philadelphia based contemporary artist and Adjunct Professor of Fine Art at the University of Pennsylvania. Deirdre will speak about her paintings and how her artist residency at Hawk Mountain in 2015 has informed her studio practice. Her work can be viewed at:

Earlier that morning, Dierdre will also teach an art lesson covering how to draw from live raptors. No previous experience required! For more information on this event, click here

No trail fee is required for admission to either lecture, but it is the perfect addition to a day of fall foliage, hiking, and birdwatching. We hope to see you there! 

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