September 13, 2012

Audubon Magazine: Hawk Mountain is the pinnacle of hawk watching

Kenn Kauffman rates top 10 places to watch raptors

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In the most recent issue of Audubon Magazine, celebrity birder Kenn Kaufman places Hawk Mountain Sanctuary at the top of his "Ten awesome places to catch one of nature's greatest spectacles."

He writes, "A beautiful setting and a rich history make this a must-visit destination for raptor fans. When northwest winds strike the Kittatinny Ridge, they create updrafts. Migrating raptors in fall can ride these cushions of rising air for miles, gliding effortlessly toward the south-southwest, then connecting to other ridges  along the Appalachian chain as they continue their journeys. The exposed knobs of Hawk Mountain once served as a vantage point for shooters, but in 1934 this became a refuge for birds of prey, and binoculars and notebooks replaced the guns. Today the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association offers year-round nature education and coordinates global research and conservation projects."

Others making the list include Cape May, NJ, Holiday Beach, Ontario, Detriot River, Michigan, and others. Read it now.