January 09, 2012

Everglades Trip a Success

Conservation Corps Returns

Everglades blog details the trip



The Hawk Mountain Conservation Corps, a group of local teens enaged in service learning in the outdoors, has completed a 10-day visit to Everglades National Park where they completed a volunteer project for the National Park Service, then explored the Everglades, finishing a 50-mile paddle around Cape Sable. The trip is fully documented by the teens at (click "Read the Blog").

The trip culminates a one-year commitment to completing volunteer projects at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary while also participating in learning exercises. The trip costs were covered thanks to generous sponsorships from Baldrige Assets Management, a grantbaldrige asset management logo from Infinera Corp., a grant from the Sandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the
Environment or S.H.A.R.E., and Zawada Enterprises. Several dozen caring individuals also contributed to sponsor one or more corps members flight to Florida or to contribute a monetary gift to offset travel and trip costs.

A final learning exercise was to complete a blog that detailed their Everglades journey and that Hawk Mountain could then share with its online community. To that end, throughout their trip the group documented wildlife and shared their journey through words, photos and video.

If you would like to learn more about helping to support the Conservation Corps in 2012, please contact:
Todd Bauman, Director of Land and Faciltiies
610-756-6961 or [email protected]