October 16, 2015

Color continues, raptors still passing

November is "golden" - with eagles!

Last autumn lecture, Sat, Nov 7 at 5:30--Changing Chickadees
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Red-tailed hawks are now the most numerous migrant (Week of Nov 2 - 8) as sharp-shinned and Cooper's hawk counts drop. But the good news is that November is golden -- with eagles, that is! The first two weeks of November are the very best time to spot this enormous and secretive raptor from the Lookout. Red-shouldered hawk and northern harrier should be seen daily as well.

Golden and bald eagles may fly close to the Lookouts rocks, particularly on windy days, so a walk to North Lookout is worth the effort. The golden eagles that pass here come from remote nesting populations in Quebec and Labrador. Migration is the very best chance to see the species in the eastern states and now is the best time to see them during migration.

Other migrants moving this week include raven, crow, bluebird and purple finch.