October 14, 2011

Chasing Chinese Sparrowhawks

Finding winter whereabouts in New Guinea

Francesco with locals

Francesco Germi, a Research Associate at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary whose work in the South Pacific has been supported by the Sanctuary and by the Peregrine Fund, has revealed mportant new information on the winter whereabouts of the Chinese Sparrowhawk, a common but mysterious long-distance migrant that breeds in northeastern Asia.  

Dr. Bildstein, the Sanctuary's Director of Conservation Science, says, "This work typifies what we do at Hawk Mountain: determine where the important questions in raptor-migration science and raptor conservation lie, find the right people to work to answer them, provide the tools needed, and get the word out to the conservation community and general public."

To read Francesco's update from the field, please visit:

To learn more or to support this work, please contact Dr. Bildstein at 570-943-3411 x108 or [email protected].

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