December 19, 2016

Autumn 2016 Migration Wrap Up

In autumn 2016, Hawk Mountain tallied 17,548 hawks in 1,106 hours of effort. The overall total was 6% below the 10-year average.

A new record was set for the Bald Eagle, 489, well above the prior record of 406 set in 2010. The best day for Bald Eagles occurred late in the season, on December 3rd when 22 Bald Eagles flew past representing half the migrants observed that day.

Nine of the 16 regularly recorded species showed below-average counts in 2016, including the American Kestrel, which was 50% below the 10-year average and Osprey 343, 33% below average. Favorable winds in September boosted counts of Broad-winged Hawks in 2016, with 9,361 counted, 22% above the 10-year average of 7,683.

The largest one-day count in 2016 coincided with the peak Broad-winged Hawk flight, with 3,066 hawks for the day, including 3,018 broadwings. 

Click here to download a chart of the official count for each species.