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Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Honor a loved one or a special occasion

Make a Tribute Gift Now
Celebrate a loved one's birthday, anniversary, or just because.

Make a Memorial Gift Now
Commemorate the life of someone who loved Hawk Mountain.

Honor a Special Occasion: Weddings or parties offer a chance to support the Sanctuary. Simply ask invitees to donate to Hawk Mountain in honor of your special day. You will be notified when gifts are made.

Honor an Organization or Company: Did you visit the Sanctuary with your scout troop, fraternity, or sorority? Do you want to honor the anniversary of a company? Take a collection and donate it to the Sanctuary in honor of your specific group or business.
Make a Gift Now or call us at 610-756-6961.

What to Provide to Hawk Mountain:

  • Name of the person/group and the event your gift is in memory or honor of. Please write the name exactly as you want it to appear.
  • Name and address to send a gift notification that a gift was made by you in the designee's name.
  • Your complete contact information and the amount of your gift for your personal acknowledgement. All memorial and tribute gifts are tax-deductible.
  • Print and mail the above information using our donation form.

Naming opportunities

Donor Recognition Plaques: $2000
Designee's name on a plaque around the new Native Plant Garden deck. Email Tammy Jandrasitz to learn more. 

Donor Recognition Benches: $3000
Benches made in honor of designee and placed along the Sanctuary trails and grounds. Email Tammy Jandrasitz to learn more.  

Special Project Support:  $5,000 and up
Your gift may support a special project that helps to forward the Hawk Mountain mission or advance a program in conservation science, conservation education, or our visitor services. We encourage a confidential discussion as many options are available or Email Tammy Jandrasitz to learn more.

Sponsor a Trainee: $7,500 and up
Your gift may support the full cost of one international trainee at Hawk Mountain. Designee name will be listed in the member magazine in conjunction with the trainee name, such as "The Mary Smith Conservation Trainee." You may select from countries represented by the incoming class but donors may not dictate training for any specific individual or country.

$10,000 and up: Multiple opportunities
A confidential discussion can help determine the appropriate project or show of support based on the Sanctuary's most recent needs and programs.

Endowment Support: $25,000 or more
This level of giving qualifies you or your designee name as a member of the Rosalie Edge Society, a permanent listing of donors who provide endowment funds to ensure the Sanctuary's future. Your designee name may be listed, or, you may name a fund within the endowment. Again, we encourage a confidential discussion.

Learn More Today

Tammy Jandrasitz, Membership Manager
[email protected] or 610-756-6000 x211

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