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Hawk Mountain Wish List

Items to improve our programs and services

Cash donations may provide the best flexibility and financial strength, but some donors prefer to underwrite specific 'wish list' items that will have a direct impact on special projects, research studies and use in education programs. This year the staff has suggested several items on the Wish List:

Satellite Tracking Devices (6) to place on black vultures in Pennsylvania in order to track the movements of local birds and use findings in education programs that feature our own young black vulture, our newest education raptor. Each unit and its data downloads costs $5,000, and interested individuals should contact Dr. Keith Bildstein at 570-943-3411 x108. 

Satellite Tracking Devices (5) to place on broad-winged hawks in Pennsylvania in order to track the long-distance migration movements of nesting birdsr. Donors at this level will have naming rights for the bird wearing "their" unit, and each unit and its data downloads costs $5,000. This work is part of a new study entering its second year. Interested individuals should contact Dr. Laurie Goodrich at 570-943-3411 x106.

Broadwing Project Support: Need $5,000 gift to fund field assistants who work to find and observe nests and also to attach units to the birds. Also needed are $1,5000 for travel expenses. Donations for this project will serve as matching for state wildlife grant and GC has given us some and WRCF has funds for other units.

Small 4-Wheel Drive Pick-up, gently used and in good condition to replace current pick-up. This vehicle is used in all operations at Hawk Mountain and a necessity. Approximate cost $18,000 to $22,000. Contact Director of Land and Facilities Todd Bauman at 610-756-6961.

Snowblower to be used exclusively at the raptor enclosures. Contact Erin Brown for information at 610-756-6000 x208.

Suitcase on wheels (2) for use during off-site programs. Suitecases will keep our raptor wings, talons, tracking maps, and other visual aids safe from wear and tear. Portable luggage bags will serve as user-friendly traveling trunks for one stop shopping saving staff and volunteer time. Please contact Erin Brown at [email protected] for more details.

Six-passenger Electric Vehicle for use on weekends and by appointment to transport visitors with low mobility to the South Lookout, an excellent tool in increasing accessibility while maintaining low-impact trail use. The cart also will be used as a low-impact vehicle in trail maintenance, so serves multiple purposes. This cart replaces a four-passenger golf cart that is out of commission. Cost approximately $7,500 to $10,000, and interested individuals should contact Todd Bauman at 610-756-6961.

Macbook Pro for use in creating video and better working with photos and other audio and visual media to communicate our mission and programs with the online an dprint community. Cost is $2,000 for 15-inch display plus any accessories, and donors can learn more at or contact Mary Linkevich at 610-756-6961.

5 or 6-Unit Tally Meter for official counters at the North Lookout to easily track the age and sex of raptor migrants. Cost is approximately $350 and interested individuals should contact Dr. Laurie Goodrich at 570-943-3411 x106.

Insulated coveralls for the counters (4 in varying sizes) to wear during those ice-cold, late-season days when the temps drop but the birds are still soaring. Cost is $100 and interested individuals should contact Dr. Laurie Goodrich at 570-943-3411 x106.

Funds to support Computer Upgrades, specifically, new workstations for up to 6 staff members, at a cost of $600 per station with associated software, and/or software updates totaling $10,000. Many options in technology upgrades are available and will make a tremendous difference in virtually every program area. Please contact Business Manager Shelley Davenport with interest at 610-756-6961.