Spotted Lanternfly: ID, Control, and Education

April 06, 2019

5:00 PM

Visitor Center Gallery

2019 Spring Lecture


Kyle Schutt, Insect Management Technician at the Schuylkill Conservation District, and Evan Corondi, Mosquito-Borne Disease Control Program & Outreach Coordinator at the Berks Conservation District, will present an introduction and biology of the invasive spotted lanternfly, the potential hazardous effects this species can have on our environment, economy, and quality of life. They will also cover topics such as bio-security measures and methods of control.

This lecture immediately follows a FREE workshop that includes a visit to an Ailanthus stand on Hawk Mountain for an egg scraping demonstration, tree banding, and identification of the invasive Tree-of-Heaven species. Click here to register for it. 

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