Hawk Mountain is…

An Important Mammal Area

Hawk Mountain is an Important Mammal Area

There are TONS of Chipmunks at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

There are TONS of Chipmunks at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Photo by Mark Robinson.

In 2004, the Mammal Technical Committee of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey selected Hawk Mountain and its adjacent public land as one of 44 Important Mammal Areas in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania selection is part of an international pilot project, making Hawk Mountain Sanctuary one of the first IMAs identified anywhere in the world.

Mammalogists discovered the presence of two species new to Sanctuary records, the Pygmy Shrew and Pine Vole, extending the known range of these mammals. The presence of Bobcat was also confirmed. Bobcats prefer large, remote woodlands away from human activity, and are spotted on rare occasions during winter.

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