Kestrel Nestbox Program

Hawk Mountain monitors more than 200 kestrel nestboxes within a 25-mile radius surrounding the Sanctuary. Following a cleaning in March, the nest boxes are checked regularly until the young fledge in June and July. All nestlings are banded with numbered U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aluminum bands, and most adults are color banded with a unique combination of three plastic color bands and a numbered NBS aluminum band. The former enables us to determine the subsequent one-site breeding status of birds born in the area, and the latter the lifetime reproductive success of individual adults.

Adopt a Kestrel Nestbox Today

Download the Adopt-a-Kestrel Nestbox Brochure

You can help support this important monitoring project through a nestbox adoption. For your $100 adoption you'll receive:

  • Official Adoption Certificate
  • Report of nesting activity
  • Update on the Nestbox Program
  • Free kestrel gift for each box adopted

Adopt a Nestbox today: Contact Tammy Jandrasitz at 610-756-6000 x215 to learn more adn make your contribution.

Place Your Own Nestbox

Kestrel Nestbox Building Instruction ManualA nestbox is easy to build, erect and maintain. Use our handy instruction guide to build your own today.