Raptor Silhouette Station

Stretch your arms and see how you measure up to five species of raptors that migrate by Hawk Mountain, using our new hand-crafted Raptor Silhouette Station designed by Allen Kohn and funded by Brian and Sandra Moroney. Share the photos of your comparison with us on social media by using #BeTheHawk.

The true-to-scale bald eagle, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, broad-winged hawk, and American kestrel wingspans are impressive and can be found near the Native Garden entrance in our Information Pavilion. It is a perfect addition to the Sanctuary's visitor services, making the initial trek to the trails a little more fun and educational for youth.

Since its installation in late June of 2016, the interactive display has proven to be an inviting teaching aid. Children and families are drawn to the display to see how they compare to these full-size raptors. It provides an excellent photo opportunity with the proud Hawk Mountain Sanctuary name presented on top. The Silhouette Station is a wonderful reminder of a very positive family experience at the Sanctuary.

raptor silhouette station with girl

The clearly designed display with both metric and English measurements offers school groups and visitor of all ages the opportunity to experience first-hand the true size of these raptors. Besides the fun of measuring up against the 5 species, it allows a clear distinction in the variation of size between them.

Also, this unique, interactive display is completely replicable. Similar educational venues can install this Raptor Silhouette Station by following the instructions that you can find by clicking here. The linked PDF outlines the material specifications and the fabricating process. Suggestions for alternative materials are also included to better enable broader applications of this aid. Replications of the display should credit Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

We recommend that any venues that choose to install the Raptor Silhouette Station should create their own variation of #BeTheHawk. For example, #BeTheHawkHMS. We look forward to seeing how everyone Measures Up!

Click here to see the instructions for set up and installation! 



1:27 AM on February 13, 2018
I can't stop myself without appreciating, this is really brilliant idea to developing attraction as spreading knowledge from school level to on wards about HMS migration science as a part of Global Raptor migration...
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