Hawk Mountain Arts Tour & Sale

Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 9 am - 5 pm
FREE Self-guided driving tour. Held every year on the first Saturday in June.

Download the 2019 tour maps here!

Pick your own route, set your own pace, and enjoy a wide variety of art by talented artists displaying their work in their home studios or host locations. The self-guided driving tour winds about a 25-mile radius all within scenic Albany Township, this year with a satellite location at Hamburg Park. 

Kick off your driving tour with a refreshing smoothie or iced coffee, provided by the Perk Up Truck, a mobile smoothie bar and cafe that will be stationed at the Hawk Mountain Visitor Center for all visitors to enjoy! 

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Artists and Locations

Todd Gladfelter: Blacksmith Artist & Chainsaw Carver

Stop #1: Hawk Mountain Visitor Center
1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA 19529

Todd Gladfelter is an artist with several specializations that include working with metal, wood and carving logs by chainsaw. As a blacksmith, he forges metal using traditional tools and techniques to make a wide variety of items. He chainsaw carves hefty logs into birds and other animals, and creates a wide array of handmade fine furniture including cabinets, mirrors, and jewelry boxes. Gladfelter will display samples of all of his work and will demonstrate his carving at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.


Elaine Briner: Painted Glass Bottles

Stop #1: Hawk Mountain Visitor Center 
1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA 19529

Farmland raptors in Pennsylvania are benefiting from a Berks County artist’s involvement in the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Farmland Raptor Project, a program that builds nesting boxes and improves habitat for Barn Owls, American Kestrels, Short-eared owls and Northern Harriers.  Adorning recycled wine bottles prepared by other volunteers, Briner paints native flowers, butterflies, birds of prey, farm animals, and anything else that inspires her artistic talents.  The lighted wine bottles help to raise money for the program when contributors donate $20 or more for these one-of-a-kind lights.  Briner has been helping with this program since 2013.  Bottles are available at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Gift Shop.


Hope Hill Lavender Farm: Natural Products

Stop #1: Hawk Mountain Visitor Center 
1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA 19529

Hope Hill Lavender Farm propagates and grows their plants that they distill their essential oil from to create products to make you and your environment smell great naturally. They will also cut flowers for their culinary that day and/or making product as part of their demonstration. 

Their store is located 15 minutes from Hawk Mountain on the Schuylkill side, and there people can see the farm and their certified pollinator garden. They also keep bees have lavender plants for sale at that time of year.


Kinder Hawk Schoolhouse

Stop #2
1049 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Built in 1885, many Kempton children walked daily to and from their farms to Bolich‘s School to learn their ABC’s.  Remodeled into a private residence in the early 1960’s after the Kutztown School District unified all the one room schoolhouses and built the Albany Elementary School in downtown Kempton, Kinder Hawk was then the residence to the Miller Family.  Jim and Cheryl Robertson purchased the schoolhouse in December of 2014, and once again rejoined it to their farm.  Kinder Hawk has again been transformed and is now available as a charming and private, year-round vacation rental.


Ron Imboden: Watercolor Artist

Stop #2: Kinder Hawk Schoolhouse
1049 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Ron Imboden is a water color artist known for his paintings of Berks County and surrounding areas. His subjects are a reflection of the local rural scenery and farming community.  Items on display include framed originals, framed prints, matted prints and assorted packs of note cards. 


Rose Fritch: Organic Skin Care, Essential Oils, & Jewelry

Stop #2: Kinder Hawk Schoolhouse
1049 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Rose Fritch is a local, independent artist, making small batch organic skincare products using essential oils, custom essential oil blends, and Botanical Aroma Rollers, in addition to essential oil jewelry, including diffuser bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 


Willi Singleton: Wood Fired Pottery

Stop #3: Pine Creek Pottery (Willi's home/studio)
843 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA  19529

Willi explains that making pots is like cooking.  You have to start with good ingredients to get a flavorful, satisfying result. By using local clays (from Hawk Mountain and the Northern Chesapeake), and various ashes for glaze (wood, bamboo, and corn stalk) he tries to make pots with a pleasing flavor.  Using a wood flame to fire these pots enhances the character of these materials.  Although there are not many obvious ash deposits on his pots, the variety of colors and textures in them are largely due to the wood flame interacting with the clay and glaze materials, just as food cooked over an open fire carries a taste of the flame and smoke.


Angie Wagner: Basketry, Marbled Silk Scarves, & Weaving

Stop #4: The Country Seat
1013 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529-9321 

Come to Country Seat to see award-winning basketry, gourd weaving, marbled silk scarves, woven seat stools, rockers, & more! Angie is a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen who specializes in handwoven baskets, gourd art, beaded and woven jewelry and marbled silk and silk/wool scarves. She and her parents Donna and Bill Longnecker operate The Country Seat, a supply store featuring a complete line of basketry, gourd weaving and chair seating supplies as well as basketry classes from local, national and international instructors.


Jeffrey Schucker: Custom Wood Products

Spot #5: Bailey Wood Products, Inc
441 Mountain Rd, Kempton PA, 19529

Bailey Wood Products has been in continuous operation for 90 years, producing custom made wooden items such as bowls, furniture, bar tops, cheese/cutting boards, garden frames, and more. They also make and install hardwood flooring, outdoor decks, stairs, etc. Visit their headquarters located on the corner of their farm and see the making of these products in action. 


Wanamaker's General Store

Stop #6
8888 Kings Highway, Kempton, PA 19529

Wanamakers is an old-fashioned, family-owned general store that offers everything from groceries and homemade deli items to locally produced crafts and made-in-the-USA toys. This is a great place to get lunch during the Arts Tour! Call ahead and order so you don't have to wait. Menu is available on their website. 

The store was built in the late 1870s from brick manufactured in the adjoining meadow, and timber milled from the slopes of the Blue Mountains in Northern Lehigh County. Today, the Hungaskis carry on the Wanamakers tradition as a full-service general store. They offer quality groceries, locally produced foods, arts and crafts, hunting and fishing licenses, and homemade deli items.


Victor Fritch/Art Beats: Antique Metal Sculptures

Stop #6: Wanamaker's General Store
8888 Kings Highway, Kempton, PA 19529

Victor Fritch is a local artist working with antique metals to create small, unique, and delicate metal sculptures. He is a recycled metal artist using mostly vintage silverware and found objects to create his one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Blossom Hollow Designs: Handmade Jewelry and Accessories

Stop #6: Wanamaker's General Store
8888 Kings Highway, Kempton, PA 19529

Unique handmade jewelry designs and accessories for every occasion and budget. They have been creating designs for over five years and have been selling locally at Wanamaker's General Store for over four. They offer custom designs in everything from metal alloys and glass beads to precious metals and semi precious stones. Leather working, hand metal stamping, and silver creations "cold casted" from clay formed and fired to produce 99.9% pure silver pieces and more!


Albany Township Historical Society

Stop #7
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

The mission of the Albany Township Historical Society is to collect historical artifacts and documents, to preserve historical landmarks, to provide opportunities for education and research, and to preserve the Pennsylvania German language, and other local dialects, and finally, to preserve the culture of the past, present and future.


Joanne Minnick: Metal Sculptor

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

As a long time resident of the valley to the north of Hawk Mountain, Joanna continues to be held in awe by the beauty of this special place. When not working in her home studio there, she is probably hiking, birding, biking, or floating on the Little Schuylkill River. She attempts to convey a spiritual connection to the artistry of nature in her metalwork.

The Hawk Mountain landscape is a frequent theme in her copper wire wrapped agate panels. Large sculptures that combine dissimilar metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are favorites too. When working with copper and both new and ancient patinas, this element's secrets can be delightfully revealed!

Joanne will be demonstration metal forming techniques on the tour at her new location, the Albany Township Historical Society's newly renovated building.


Julie Richards: Dimensional/Sculptural Art & Garden Art

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Being a multifaceted person, Julie's art follows her personality. She is a life-taught artist and experimenter. She uses elements from nature, which is the catalyst and backdrop to blend her vision of nature into existence. Julie uses materials such as wood, metal, glass, clay, and anything else that inspires her. Combined with other mixed medias, she gives color, texture, and reflection to her art to expand and balance their natural beauty. 


Kathi Mengle: Mixed Media

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Kathi is a self taught mixed medium artist and is currently a studio artist at the Walk In Art Center. Her work tends to focus on what she's interested in or feeling at the time of creating. Like a mad scientist, she enjoys mixing mediums and subjects together, not knowing the end result. Some of her pieces are a visual fantasy of colors that create a mood. She likes the challenge of working with other artists and has been involved with collaboration art auctions to benefit public and private organizations. Her biggest inspiration is music, but nature, architecture, and other artist works have also inspired her.


Sheila Grube: Zentangle (Pen & Ink)

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Sheila Grube is a Certified Zentangle Teacher living in Schuylkill County. After following the path of ‘shoulds’ for far too long, Zentangle® found her and changed her life forever. She now practices and teaches this meditative art form full time, spreading the language of Zentangle® to anyone that will share in her journey. A true passion for this art shines through with each word she speaks about it as well as each piece she completes, showing gratitude for the journey she’s on. Ultimately she will show you that you do have creativity, but she might also offer you a natural tool to explore something even deeper within by simply picking up a pen and a piece of paper.


Barbara Strawser: Folk Painter

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Barbara Strawser, Central PA Folk Painter, born in Berks County, Mother and Self-Taught Artist, avid Gardener and Illustrator of Little Book of Blessings and Little Book of Home by Running Press, Phila.


Jeff Dietrich: Pottery

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Jeff is a local artist and maker of Redware and Stoneware Pottery, including beautiful, one-of-a-kind vases, plates, and more. 


Russell Dotterer: Custom Wood Work

Stop #7: Albany Township Historical Society
404 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Russell is a local wood working artist, creating unique, custom wood products for anything and everything. His products include cutting boards, rolling pins, bottle stoppers, bird feeders, bird houses, step stools, and more! 


Shawn Claypoole: Jonathan's Spoons

Stop #8
3716 Route 737, Kempton PA 19529

Nationally-known Jonathan's Spoons are created right here in the Kempton Valley! Come see and/or purchase a variety of handcrafted wooden kitchen utensils made from Pennsylvania cherry wood. 


Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed and Breakfast

Spot #9
33 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA  19529

Built in 1879, Pamela's is an impressive country Victorian home located on Hawk Mountain Road that has been painstakingly decorated and updated for comfort and convenience. Guests receive breakfast prepared using natural and organic ingredients.


David Hughes: Wildlife Artist

Spot #9: Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed & Breakfast
33 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA  19529

David specializes in birds of prey, songbirds and other wildlife on canvas and offers pencil sketches, acrylics, watercolors, and most recently, paintings using coffee. He brings his inspirations from sketchpad to canvas with passion and energy for the sheer love of nature and the satisfaction of sharing his talents with others. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind copyrighted originals. Several of his latest works have been made into prints and note cards.


Jeff Keiffer: Wood & Decoy Carver

Spot #9: Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed & Breakfast
33 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Jeff carves unique, antique-style decoys and carvings.  He tries to use the same tools that the carvers used 100 years ago, and then works to make the paint look aged, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 


Phil Campbell: Wildlife & Nature Photography

Spot #9: Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed & Breakfast
33 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA  19529

Phil began making photographic images in the late 1970’s which included family, nature, hiking, and backpacking. An interest in nature, and birding in particular, and the desire to record these images on film as art has focused his photography. His interest in nature led to a long relationship with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as a member and volunteer counter during fall migration. Images of World War II aircraft and reenactment events are the due to a keen interest in World War II history.

Primarily self-taught Phil completed classes in traditional black and white photography at Baum School of Art in Allentown, Pennsylvania and software editing class at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Today he uses digital and film cameras with color and black and white film.


Jonathan Bond: Fine Art Landscapes

Stop #10
59 Kempton Road, Kempton, PA 19529

Jon draws inspiration from the rustic scenery of northern Berks County. His paintings reflect the awesome sunsets and atmospherics of the Kittatinny Ridge and iconic farmsteads of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Jon works primarily in oils, most often on wood panels, and occasionally on scraps of cardboard when preparing studies or sketches. He has exhibited in countless juried shows and has been awarded numerous honors for his work. More than 80 new works will be on display for this year’s tour.

The Place I Call Home” is the theme of Jon’s exhibit for this year’s arts tour. This exhibit will feature art and music from an art book and musical CD collaboration with musician Dave Kline. More than 80 new originals will on display, including oils, egg tempera, watercolors, and pen and ink images of rural Berks County. May gift items including Jon's works are available for purchase.


Gene Allen: Fine Art Landscapes

Gene Allen and Jeanne Stock

Stop #11
5008 Golden Key Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Gene is an artist and landscape painter who creates landscapes using acrylics and oils, and he is primarily interested in visually preserving nature's natural beauty. He shows his work in his barn studio on the corner of Eile Dahl Rd and Golden Key Rd. 


Jeanne Stock: Dry Pastel Artist

Stop #11: Gene Allen's barn studio
5008 Golden Key Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

Jeanne finds that the pure pigments of dry pastels are a wonderful medium to capture the nuances of light and the subtlety of color, which is what intrigues her. Her subject matter is the quiet but interesting detail of things that surround us every day that often go unnoticed—the homely pears from the garden, comical hens, the beautiful light on an icy winter morning. She says it is a joy to spy these “happy finds” and a pleasure to share them in her artwork.


The Nesting Box: Market and Creamery

Stop #12
230 Snyder Rd, Kempton PA 19529

The Nesting Box is feeding the Greater Lehigh Valley one egg at a time! They make delicious and organic products using cage-free eggs from hens fed grains grown on their farm right here in the Kempton Valley. They recently opened their ice cream shop, making this the perfect mid-way stop on the Arts Tour! 


Dan Christ: Wildlife Artist

Spot #13: Dan Christ Art Gallery
23 Spitzenberg Lane, Kempton, PA  19529

Dan Christ is recognized for his highly detailed and accurate studies of turkey, deer and bear in natural settings. Most of Dan’s paintings are a result of his hunting and hiking experiences. They often begin with actual settings that depict perfect habitat for his subjects. The wildlife is blended into the scene to capture the thrill of a wildlife encounter anyone can appreciate.            

Pictured is his work "Zebra Security," a 2019 oil original from a photo safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa 2018.


Mark Amey: Hand-thrown Pottery

Spot #14
189 Blue Rocks Rd, Lenhartsville PA 19534

A native of Lower Bucks County, Mark has been working with clay for over 30 years. Beginning as a production potter, he continued to practice pottery as a hobby while he developed a career in home building and design. After a brief hiatus, Mark reestablished a studio in his home in Lenhartsville. Mark now creates unique, one-of-a-kind functional pieces. They are primarily made with stoneware clays that are reduction-fired using simple oxides and glazes. The simplicity of the finish compliments the natural qualities of the clay and the beauty of each form.

Also at Mark's home and studio will be Brett and Amanda Amey exhibiting their printmaking and pottery. 


Eric Claypoole: Hexsign Artist

Stop #15
227 Schock Road, Lenhartsville, Pa  19534

Eric Claypoole is a traditional hex sign artist, creating art that dates back hundreds of years. By researching, lecturing and hand painting these cultural icons, he hopes to preserve a heritage that is quickly becoming a lost art. Eric's work carries on a long family tradition: Johnny Claypoole, his father, began painting hex signs in 1962, and he was taught by the legendary Johnny Ott, the self-proclaimed "Dr. of Hexology."


Hamburg Area Arts Alliance

Hamburg Community Park

Stop #16: Satellite Location
Hamburg Community Park / Etchberger Memorial Park
Park Rd, Hamburg PA 19526

Artists Displaying:

Anderson Wood Turning
Bee Silky Soap
Dire Brie: Photography by Robert Lanshe
Emma Ketterer Photography
Ken's Art
Martafact Studio
Martha Ressler
Pirjo Ceramic Creations
Rebecca Kunkleman
Ressler Art Studio
Scroll Saws
Susan's Ceramics
The Doily Lady