Hawk Mountain Eco-Tours

2019 Veracruz River of Raptors Tour

Large kettle of broadwings migrating over Veracruz

Sept 27 - Oct 5 Main Tour
Oct 5-7 Catemaco Extension 

Cost: $3000, $2,900 for Members
(includes hotels, meals, ground transportation, entry/guide fees)
Extension Cost: $800

Tour leaders: Dr. Laurie Goodrich, Hawk Mountain Director of Conservation Science and Eduardo Martinez, Pronatura Biologist

The trip co-led by Hawk Mountain and Pronatura-Veracruz, original founders of the Veracruz River of Raptors Project, will explore central Veracruz birding hotspots and spend time viewing the raptor migration at the height of the Broad-winged Hawk migration at the worlds’ largest hawk migration concentration watchsite. 

Viewing will take place at the Veracruz bird observatory or the roof of the Hotel Bienvenidos, and morning birding trips will visit coastline and inland birding hotspots. Several days will be spent inland away from the watchsites to find birds found only in Veracruz highlands. Cultural highlights include Zempoala pre-Colombian Ruins and the National Anthropology Museum with extensive Olmec collection.

Trip also offers an optional 2 day extention to Catemaco, the northernmost rain forest in the Americas, for an additional and unique wildlife experience. 

Click here to download the detailed itinerary with additional information about the trip.

2020 Belize Birding Eco-Tour

Roseate Spoonbills

Mar 27 - Apr 4 Main Tour
Oct 4-7 Belize Coast Extension 

Cost: $3000, $2,900 for Members
(includes hotels, meals, ground transportation, entry/guide fees)
Extension Cost: $1200
$500 deposit due December 1.

Tour leaders: Dr. Laurie Goodrich, HMS Director of Conservation Science, Jamie Dawson, HMS Educator, and Celso Poot, Belize Zoo Director of Education/Belize Zoological EdVentures Founder.

The trip co-led by Hawk Mountain and Belize Zoological EdVentures will explore the abundant birdlife of Belize and is also timed to occur at peak broad-winged hawk northbound migration! Participants will learn about conservation efforts in the region including the Jaguar Preserve, the Peregrine Fund, and Wolf Creek Foundation, and will get to intimately see conservation in action. 

This birding eco-tour is designed for hawkwatchers, conservationists, and birdwatchers. We have designed the trip to provide maximum opportunities to view birds, to experience the natural landscpae and natural features found in Belize, and to gain an appreciation for the unique culture of the country, including ancient Mayan sites. 

Trip also offers an optional 3 night extention to the Belize Coast, a World Heritage Site and home to the second alrgest barrier reef in the world, for an additional and unique wildlife experience. 

Click to download the Belize Birding Eco-Tour Itinerary

2020 Spring Birding in Southern Spain Eco-Tour

Eurasian eagle-owl photo by Henrik Hempelmann

April 11 - 18

Cost: $2495, per person in double rooms ($275 additional fee for a single room)
(includes hotels, meals, ground transportation, entry/guide fees)

$750 deposit due November 1. Balance is due Jan 15.

Tour leaders: Allen Hoppes, tour organizer and former HMS caretaker, Fernando Navarrete, birding guide and former HMS trainee, and Lee Simpson, stateside facilitator and HMS volunteer

The trip is co-led by experienced Spanish tour guide, Fernando Navarotte along with Hawk Mountain volunteer and experienced birder, Lee Simpson.

Former Hawk Mountain trainee Fernando Navarotte is a gifted birder with excellent English. He has been leading international birding tours for over five years for British companies to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala.

Raptor species that may be seen on this tour include Montagu’s Harrier, Black-winged, Red and Black Kites, Griffon Vultures, Egyptian Vulture, Black Vulture, Peregrine Falcon and up to five eagle species: Short-toed Snake, Booted, Bonelli’s, Golden, and Spanish Imperial, Eurasian Eagle Owl and Little Owl. The trip will visit a variety of different habitats to look for the many resident and migrant species as well.

For information about the tour and birds to be seen, click here to download the trip itinerary. To register click here and be sure to indicate you found out about the tour through Hawk Mountain!

Raptours Premier Eco-Tours

The global touring company Raptours, L.C.C. and Hawk Mountain have partnerned to bring the very best birding excursions focused exclusively on raptors. Each tour is designed to connect you with spectacular concentrations of birds of prey and/or a large variety of species, including those rarely seen.

Raptours donates to Hawk Mountain 15% of profits for every tour booked by a Sanctuary member. Why? Because today Raptours is owned and operated by Hawk Mountain trainee graduate Sergio Seipke. He believes the partnership provides him the opportunity to give back to an organization that has meant—and still means—so much to him.

No Hawk Mountain collaborative eco-tours are available at this time. Visit the Raptours website, or contact Sergio at [email protected] for available tours.