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Training for young conservationists at Hawk Mountain dates back to the 1940s, when then-curator Maurice Broun began working with and mentoring local high school students. Seth Benz of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, was the Sanctuary's first official college-level trainee in 1976; four-month spring and autumn traineeships were established in 1979. Manachem Adar of Israel became the first international trainee in 1986.

Today, more than 400 students from 75 countries on six continents have trained at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Many go on to leadership positions in conservation science, science education, and natural resource management, making the Sanctuary's International Conservation Science Training Program one of its most successful endeavors ever.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary's training programs provide hands-on learning and field experiences for individuals committed to careers in natural-resource conservation. Trainees learn basic techniques in science and education by focusing on migratory raptors. The program also develops multicultural awareness and international partnerships, essential aspects of successful large-scale conservation efforts.

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Laurie Goodrich, Ph.D.
Sarkis Acopian Director of Conservation Science
Acopian Center for Conservation Learning at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
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