Weather at Hawk Mountain

Local Weather Conditions

During the migration season (August - December) visitors are encouraged to call the Info Line at 610-756-6000 x6 after 6 pm to hear the day's hawk flight, a weather report, and a prediction for the next day's flight. During the winter months, the mountaintop conditions are often more severe than even those in the local valley communities. Visitors are encouraged to check local weather reports for Kempton, PA and in case of potential snow and ice conditions, call the Info Line at 610-756-6000 to check for potential trail closings.

Cold Front: A large-scale, synoptic weather event in which cold, high-pressure air passes through an area, typically from northwest to southeast. In eastern North America, cold fronts, which are often accompanied by northwesterly winds and followed by cold, fair weather, produce some of the best hawk flights.

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