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2019 Autumn Lecture Series

After a Saturday of hawkwatching, stay for an entertaining and informative talk by Hawk Mountain staff or other wildlife experts. All lectures are FREE and held in the Visitor Center gallery.

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The Ghost of Schaumboch's: The Allegheny Woodrat

Saturday, September 21 @ 5 PM

Presented by: Reg Hoyt

Reg Hoyt is an Assistant Professor and Co-chair of Delaware Valley University’s Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation. His talk will focus on the decline of the Allegheny Woodrat and efforts to preserve this Threatened and protected species.

Hawks on the Wing: Seeing Beyond Field Marks

Saturday, October 5 @ 5 PM

Presented by: Josh Haas

Hawks in flight bring a sense of wonder and struggle to birders, especially when it comes to identifying them at a distance.  Field marks are not enough when back-lit conditions and birds miles out lack any color. Hawk watcher and videographer Josh Haas will discuss the innovative way to see beyond the field marks when identifying soaring raptors.

Rooks: Rendez-vous with a South Atlantic Raptor

Saturday, October 12 @ 5 PM

Presented by: Katie Harrington

Former conservation trainee and current Hawk Mountain research associate Katie Harrington will discuss her recent and extensive work studying the charismatic and Near-Threatened striated caracara in the Falkland Islands.

Can Drones Help Our Bird Populations?

Saturday, October 26 @ 5 PM

Presented by: David M. Bird

Small drones are rapidly advancing in sophistication and availability, and are now being used in the field of bird research and management. Join McGill University Emeritus professor Dr. David M. Bird as he explores these applications of drones for conservation in the world of birds.

Islanders: Ecology and Conservation of Raptors of the Caribbean Islands

Saturday, November 2 @ 5 PM

Presented by: Julio Gallardo

Despite representing around only 7% of the Earth’s surface, islands are critical for global conservation, supporting 14% of the world’s biodiversity. Former Conservation Trainee Julio Gallardo will discuss his recent focus on Caribbean raptors and their current conservation challenges.