Hawk Mountain Treks

Photographic guides to Hawk Mountain trails

What do the trails look like? Find out with these pictorial trail guides in PDF slideshow presentations. We take you from beginning to end on a chosen trail. See trail character, landmarks along the way, and other features to help you plan a great day of hiking.

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Hawk Mountain Treks: Lookout Trail 
Our most popular trail, from the Visitor Center area to North Lookout. Coming soon: an updated Trek to show the new gates and the ADA Trail.

Hawk Mountain Treks: Escarpment Trail
A look at the boulder scrambling alternative up to North Lookout

Hawk Mountain Treks: Express, The Slide, Sunset Overlook 
A view of these smaller locations off upper Lookout Trail

Hawk Mountain Treks: River of Rocks Trail 
Entire River of Rocks Trail, beginning at South Lookout

Hawk Mountain Treks: Skyline Trail 
In-depth view from Post #2 to North Lookout

Hawk Mountain Treks: Short Loop
River of Rocks, Golden Eagle, Skyline to North Lookout beginning on upper Lookout Trail. A nice addition to Lookout Trail for those who want a little extra hiking but don't have all day.

Hawk Mountain Treks: Golden Eagle Trail 
River of Rocks, Golden Eagle, Skyline beginning at South Lookout. A long loop described in the Trail Guide.


Sue McGinley

2:56 PM on April 13, 2014
Yesterday I had the priveledge to visit Hawk Mountain for the first time. I was awe struck by the beauty the Mountain. I have never experienced anything like this being born and raised in the city. I know that I will be visiting Hawk Mountain many more times in the future.

LEE Smith

6:27 PM on April 23, 2016
Very impressed by the help of the interns to identify the raptors!

sarah beahn

1:16 PM on May 27, 2019
went to hawk mountain southlook out 05/26/2019 it was so beautiful there been there before with my husband (who passed this year in march ) i would very much go again the view's up there are breath taking watching the hawk's wow
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