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Professional training opportunities
Graduate Student Program
Acopian Center for Conservation Learning

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary works to inspire, train and empower future leaders in conservation. Since the opening of its Acopian Center for Conservation Learning in 2002, Hawk Mountain has doubled its annual enrollment of trainees, and expanded the types of training available. Conservation science and leadership trainees, graduate students and academic interns all have access to Sanctuary datasets and one of the largest collections of raptor literature in the world, enjoy the ability to interact and learn from visiting professionals, and build multicultural awareness and international partnerships...all in the inspirational setting of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Program includes options for:

  • The up-and-coming conservationist with a specific in raptors or bird conservation
  • Young professional raptor biologists already established in the field
  • North American undergraduates
  • Graduate students working on raptor research at a major university.

Please send trainee applications to:
Wendy Nicodemus
Operations/Trainee Coordinator
570-943-3411 x101
[email protected]

For questions regarding specific research please contact:
Dr. Laurie Goodrich, Ph.D.
Director of Long-term Monitoring
570-943-3411 x106
[email protected]

Dr. Jean-Francois Therrien, Ph.D.
Senior Research Biologist
570-943-3411 x104
[email protected]

David Barber
Research Biologist
570-943-3411 x105
[email protected]

Facts about the Training Program

Hawk Mountain has trained more than 400 young conservationists from 75 countries on six continents.

The Acopian Center for Conservation Learning allowed Hawk Mountain to effectively double the number of people trained as well as to expand the types of training programs available.

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