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Pennsylvania Goshawk Project | Kittatinny Ridge

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In 2017 Hawk Mountain researchers are conducting an initial survey of the Kittatinny Ridge for nesting goshawks in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Goshawk Project (see www.pabiologicalsurvey.org). 

Although goshawks nested along the Ridge during the 1980s, few nest sightings have been reported in the recent decade.  State ornithologists believe the range of goshawk may have contracted across the state with remaining nests located only in northern counties. 

With support of the Kittatinny Ridge Coalition, Hawk Mountain and its volunteers are hoping to visit historical nesting areas to assess remaining habitat for goshawks and determine if nests may still exist.

We are seeking experienced birdwatchers and hikers to search areas of forest along the Ridge.  If you are out in forests of Pennsylvania and see a goshawk, please report it using our online data form. For information on identification of goshawks, their call and a nest description, see www.pabiologicalsurvey.org.

All nests will be kept confidential and locations not divulged except to implement state habitat conservation.  If you have questions regarding this study or use of the data gathered, contact Laurie Goodrich, Director of Long-term Monitoring, 570-943-3411 x106 or [email protected].

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Reports can also be sent to [email protected]


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