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Soaring over your farm or field could be the grassland raptor we're searching for. The Barn Owl, American Kestrel, Short-eared Owl and Northern Harrier are in decline in recent years. To better understand them and their distributions, we need your help!

How you can help:  

Landowners are key to helping us better understand the four focus birds and their distribution. You can help by...

How they may benefit you:  

  • Raptors on your property indicate a healthy environment
  • Raptors prey on rodents, snakes and large insects
  • Less rodents and insects mean you can reduce the amount of pesticides used
  • Raptors are impressive to watch and fun to identify
  • Improve habitat at home--and maybe make some money!

Why are farmland raptors in decline?

  • Habitat loss
  • Increase in development
  • Changes in farming practices
  • Less food due to increased pesticide use
  • Increase in poisoning due to increase in pesticide us

The 4 focus Species of Concern

A description of each bird is provided, as well as information about nesting and other special characteristics that may help you make a positive ID. They are fun to watch in summer or in winter, and we hope that your experience with these birds is just as beneficial for you as it is for our research. Thank you for your partnership! 

Farmland Raptor Coloring Pages

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Landowners may report any sightings using our online tool or a simple paper form. Sightings and nest locations will be compiled to provide us with important breeding and wintering information.

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