Hawk Mountain science featured on National Geographic Education

Vulture tracking data featured

Posted on October 07, 2013 in Science

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Animal tracking data, such as the data collected since 2003 by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary on the movements of New World vultures, helps us to understand how individuals and populations move within local areas and migrate across continents. Scientific studies that provide such data are featured on Movebank.org, a free, online database of animal-tracking information that helps researchers to manage, share, protect, analyze, and archive their data.
Movebank is an international project that has more than 1,000 users, including people from research and conservation groups, as well as teachers, from all over the world.

This story on National Geographic features real animal-tracking data, and links to ten projects including the New World vulture study by Hawk Mountain. Click the link to teh National Geographic Education site, then click on "Start GeoStory" to view the featured studies.