Meet educator Adam Carter

Trainee graduate joins the staff

Posted on February 03, 2014 in Education

Adam J. Carter
B.A. Environmental Science. Joined the staff in 2014.

As an educator, Adam interacts with visitors on a daily basis and informs them about migration ecology and raptor natural history. He is "thrilled to be back at Hawk Mountain and can't wait to interact with visitors and experience the raptor migration."

Prior to joining the full-time staff, he worked as a seasonal educator, leading guided field trips at the Sanctuary, and also served as an official counter during the 2013 Autumn Hawk Watch. His past experience includes several years working as a field technician for environmental organizations such as The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and Manu National Park in Peru, and he also is a graduate of the Hawk Mountain Conservation Science Traineeship Program.

Adam hails from Pottstown, PA, in his spare time, enjoys mountain biking, reading and birding. Adam is passionate about the outdoors and hopes to help educate visitors about raptor conservation, both locally and globally.