Meet Camille Concepcion

Hawk Mountain's "Sperry Fund Scholar"

Posted on October 28, 2013 in Education

Hawk Mountain trainee graduate Camille Concepcion of the Philippines has been selected to serve as the inaugural Sperry Fund Scholar at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--a new graduate student position funded by The Sperry Fund. Camille is working toward her doctorate under direction of Dr. Todd Katzner at West Virginia University, and Dr. Keith Bildstein at Hawk Mountain.

Learn more on her page at the Katzner Lab website: 

The Sperry Fund is a New York-based foundation and has committed funds to cover three years of independent research by Camille. The goal of the Sperry Fund Scholar is to support young international conservationists in their pursuit of seeking an advanced degree, which in turn will help him or her effect change at a national level.