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Special Features & Naming Opportunities

Educational exhibits

An exhibits committee headed by Dr. Laurie Goodrich worked to address several goals:

  • Provide color, texture and depth
  • Honor Hawk Mountain history
  • Support topics covered during programs
  • Recognize landmark dates in raptor conservation
  • Orient without overwhelming all newcomers to the building

Colorful banners show groups of raptors and their silhouettes
A conservation timeline marks important dates
A world map shows Hawk Mountain's global impact
High-speed internet and modern equipment increase efficiency

Raptor Carvings: An Ongoing Need

These hand-carved, commissioned and life-sized sculptures are perched and serve  as art and educational pieces, while complimenting the 1954 fireplace. The first carving of a peregrine in a dive has been completed, but the remaining birds require a sponsor.

Naming Opporutnity: $8,000 to $12,000
To learn more, contact Mary Linkevich, Director of Development
610-756-6000 x212 or [email protected]

Bird Friendly Glass

Hawk Mountain worked to prevent bird strikes by using Collidescape, a window film that allows the user to apply any graphic image to the glass. For the Education Building we opted for a subtle design that complimented both the building and setting. Our design mimics the existing forest line, and extends across all windows.


Education Cart: An Open Need

Our plans include a convenient cart to hold all student binoculars used during a field trip, and to provide a quick and easy way for our educators to move optics (and the kids!) outdoors to the patio to practice binocular basics.

Naming Opportunity: $8,000
To learn more, contact Mary Linkevich, Director of Development
610-756-6000 x212 or [email protected]

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