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Enjoy the Sanctuary year-round and help to protect and promote raptors worldwide. Members receive FREE admission daily and renewal is once per year. You will enjoy:

  • Satisfaction. Members support a global raptor conservation mission.
  • Ease. Members bypass admissions and head directly to lookout.
  • Networking. Members, staff, volunteers and interns are informative and fun!
  • Information. Members learn the very latest in raptor news, research and training.

Membership Levels

Individual, $50
FREE Admission daily to trails and lookouts. Renewed annually.
Subscription to full-color, biannual magazine, Hawk Mountain News
10% Discount in Mountain Bookstore

Family, $60
Above benefits for 2 adults + any children or grandchildren under 18

Family Plus, $80
Above benefits + 2 guests with cardholder.

Broadwing Club, $125 - $249
Above benefits + use of Sanctuary campground and shelters and 4 guests with cardholder.

Merlin Club, $250 - $499
Above benefits + 5 guests without cardholder and invitation to exclusive events

Golden Eagle Club, $500 - $999
Above benefits + invitation to exclusive events and 10 guests with member cardholder.

Gyrfalcon Club, $1000 - $2,499
Above benefits + invitations to exclusive events and in-the-field experiences, and 15 guests with member cardholder. 

Peregrine Partner, $2500 +
Above benefits + 20 guests with member cardholder, invitation to exclusive events and experiences, and access to an overnight stay at the Irma Broun-Kahn Education Building Apartment on a mutally-agreeable date. 

To register for the membership levels of $500 and higher, please call us at 610-756-6000 x 215. 

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