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Support the world-famous Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, advance research and training to conserve raptors, and put science into action and public education.


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Gift memberships may also be purchased in the Mountain Bookstore or by phone,

Please allow 2-4 weeks for membership cards to be processed and mailed out. Holidays may delay processing time. The Visitor Center staff can look up your account at any time to allow access to the trails or events. 

Membership Benefits

Join more than 9,500 Hawk Mountain Members, local to global. Members play a critical role in protecting hawks, eagles, and falcons and receive benefits that include:

Membership Levels


Individual, $50

FREE Admission daily to trails and lookouts. Renewed annually.
Subscription to full-color, biannual magazine, Hawk Mountain News
10% Discount in Mountain Bookstore

Family, $60

Above benefits for 2 adults + any children or grandchildren under 18

Family Plus, $80

Above benefits + 2 guests with cardholder.

Broadwing Club, $125 - $249

Above benefits + use of Sanctuary campground and shelters and 4 guests with cardholder.

Merlin Club, $250 - $499

Above benefits + 5 guests without cardholder and invitation to exclusive events.

Golden Eagle Club, $500 - $999

Above benefits + invitation to exclusive events and 10 guests with member cardholder.

Gyrfalcon Club, $1,000 - $2,499

Above benefits + invitations to exclusive events and in-the-field experiences, and 15 guests with member cardholder. 

Peregrine Partner, $2,500 +

Above benefits + 20 guests with member cardholder, invitation to exclusive events and experiences, and access to an overnight stay at the Irma Broun-Kahn Education Building Apartment on a mutually-agreeable date. 

Special Levels

Leadership Giving

A gift of $250 or more demonstrates an important commitment to the Hawk Mountain mission and we thank our Leadership Donors or Members with invitation to the President’s Circle. This spring or fall gathering offers a chance to meet the president and other staff, to learn more about your investment, and enjoy an activity on the Sanctuary. 

Peregrine Partner
A gift of $2,500 or more is a significant investment in Hawk Mountain and raptor conservation. In addition to the President’s Circle, we invite members to overnight at a Sanctuary residence, join us for kestrel banding, or have another one-on-one experience at the Sanctuary. 

Rosalie Edge Society
Members of the Rosalie Edge Society have made an investment of exemplary proportions. Each has made the personal decision to designate through their estate plans or to make a direct gift valued at $25,000 or more to help grow endowment. Such gifts provide a legacy and members are honored with an exclusive pin and listing in perpetuity.