Meet the Birds

The following broadwings are actively transmitting movement data.

Broadwing Movement Maps

Where are the birds?

The interactive map linked below shows the movements of broad-winged hawks that are currently transmitting satellite and GPS-GSM movement data.

Click here for live tracking of broad-winged hawks!



The interactive map linked below is a cumulative map showing all movements of our tracked birds from 2014 to 2021, illustrating their migratory pathways from northeast United States through Central and South America. 

 Broadwing movements from 2014-2021


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Sponsor a Tagged Bird

Want to support these monitoring and tracking efforts? Help continue this important work and sponsor and name a bird in honor of a friend or loved one. With your help we can learn how to conserve our most abundant migrant. Donate now at the link below.

Donate to the Project and Adopt a Broadwing!

Click the links below to download Google Earth data from two of our tracked broadwings. This data can be used as part of our Ecological Profile of the Broad-winged Hawk high school curriculum. You must have Google Earth Pro installed in order to view and interact. 


Track Abbo


Track Sadie