Spring Azure

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Spring Azure Butterfly

Along with songbird and raptor migrants, mourning cloaks and Spring Azures (Celastrina ladon) are two butterfly species that have been seen migrating past North Lookout this week. Spring azures are tiny, about one inch in length, and their coloration varies from season to season. During this time of year, the dorsal side of the wing (topside, seen when the wing is opened) is metallic baby blue in color and the ventral side (underside, seen when the wing is closed) is shimmery white with black speckles. Females have black on the outer edges of their wings. Spring azures can be found in forests and wetlands across much of eastern and central North America. To attract these cerulean beauties to your yard, plant native flowering dogwood, blueberries, or meadowsweet.

Photo by Bill Moses.