Raccoon on Trail Camera

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Trail Camera Footage of a Raccoon

Hawk Mountain plays host to many outside research projects, one of which captured this footage on a trail camera just off the express trail. Around 1 AM, a Raccoon (Procyon lotor) is seen attempting to gain access to the inside of a PVC pipe containing scent-lure. The masked bandit struggled to open the pipe for a few minutes before eventually losing interest and moving on. 

Raccoons are clever and resourceful animals that have become well-adapted to living around humans. They can be found all over North America, common in urban, suburban, and rural communities, but preferring their natural forest and wetland habitats. Raccoons are opportunistic omnivores that will feed on anything from nuts and berries to fish, insects, and even small mammals and birds. Their diet has also extended to human trash and pet food, preying on garbage cans in the night. They are nocturnal, so if you see one out during the day be cautious—there could be something very wrong with it.

Photo taken on trail camera.