Purchase and Procurement Policy

Thoughtful procurement saves financial resources and begins at the budget process. All department heads are required to present a detailed budget that outlines expense projections throughout the year. Final budgets are reviewed with department heads, the business manager, and the president and approved by the board of directors.

Each department head reviews monthly expenses with the business manager and the board finance committee reviews financials quarterly. Any expenditure, whether budgeted or unbudgeted, in excess of $1,000 requires the approval of the President.

Goods and services are only purchased within approved budgets except in the case of
emergencies or by direction of the president.

Expenditures of more than $10,000 require three competitive bids from at least three reputable suppliers, contractors, or vendors. Hawk Mountain is not required to select the lowest bidder, but makes a final decision based upon other factors including but not limited to:

  • Ongoing relationship with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • Proven quality of service that justifies a higher cost
  • Proximity to Hawk Mountain and therefore a reduction in the natural resources required to deliver goods