Hawk Mountain is…

A Children's Museum

Hawk Mountain is a Children's Museum

Children have a great time at the Summer Raptor Camp!

Children have a great time at the Summer Raptor Camp!

Learn about migrating raptors in the comfort and convenience of our Visitors Center. Whether you're a teacher interested in a field trip or you're a parent looking for something to do with the kids, Hawk Mountain has something for everyone. Build a hawk nest, dissect owl pellets, or challenge your kids to a game of Raptor Jeopardy-you're bound to learn something new at Hawk Mountain.

About Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Founded in 1934, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is the world's first refuge for birds of prey and an international center for raptor conservation. Our 2,600-acre mountaintop preserve offers incredible scenic overlooks, eight miles of trail, a Visitor Center, native plant garden, and the Acopian Center for Conservational Learning. Please visit us today, or help support our efforts through volunteering or becoming a member or donor today. With your help, the world will gain a greater appreciation for the natural world and conserve birds of prey.

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