Who We Are

Professional Staff

President Jerry Regan

610-756-6000 x213 or regan@hawkmountain.org

MBA Business Administration.
Jerry Regan brings to the Mountain more than 25 years in not-for-profit administration. His professional accolades including have spent 10 years at Cornell University as Deputy Director of the Johnson Museum of Art, and more recently served as executive director for the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art, where he raised $6 million for several capital campaigns.

Jerry is a true people-person and is passionate about creating collaborations and motivating his team to work toward common goals, such as improving facilities in and around the Visitor Center through a $10 million capital campaign. Outside of work, Jerry enjoys the arts, hunting, hiking, and spending time with his wife Janice, two teenage boys, a golden retriever and cat at their family cabin in Corbetsville, New York.

Keith Bildstein, Ph.D.

Keith tagging vultures in the Falkland Islands

Sarkis Acopian
Director of Conservation Science
570-943-3411 x108 or bildstein@hawkmtn.org 

Ph.D. Zoology. Joined staff in 1992.
Keith oversees programs in Conservation Science and works at the Acopian Center for Conservation Learning where he sets priorities and conducts Sanctuary research, and coordinates research by visiting scientists and students. He also is responsible for achieving goals set by the Science Advisors Committee, including leadership and mentorship in global raptor conservation. Finally, Keith directs the Conservation Science Traineeship Program and our newly emerging Graduate Student Program. His current research projects include a study of Striated Caracaras, a long-term study of New World Vultures, and research on Hooded Vultures in Africa.

Keith is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, has written several books including Migrating Raptors of the World: their ecology and conservation (2006), and is a member of 21 professional organizations. When he's not traveling, Keith can usually be found watching, studying or reading about raptors.

Laurie Goodrich, Ph.D.

Laurie at the Lookout

Senior Monitoring Biologist
570-943-3411 x106 or goodrich@hawkmtn.org

Ph.D. Ecology. Joined staff in 1984.
Hawk Mountain hired Laurie as its first full-time research biologist. Today she boasts more than 25 years of service and oversees the Sanctuary's long-term migration monitoring programs, including the mammoth annual autumn hawk count, and the Sanctuary's natural history database. 

An enthusiastic educator, Laurie also is a skilled interpretive naturalist and helps to train interns and volunteers in raptor identification. In 2010 the board selected her to serve as Director of Education for two years and during this time she spearheaded a rigorous planning process that resulted in the first-ever long-range plan for Hawk Mountain education programming.

Laurie recently launched the new Pennsylvania Farmland Raptors Program, and is the Hawk Mountain liaison for the award-winning Raptor Population Index Project. Her latest focus is on publishing results from her dissertation research and in analyzing long-term datasets on age and sex of raptor migrants.

A long-time volunteer for Big Brothers-Big Sister of Schuylkill County, Laurie enjoys gardening, hiking and bird watching, and resides in Orwigsburg.

Jean-Francois Therrien, Ph.D.

JF with a snowy owl

Senior Research Biologist
570-943-3411 x104 or therrien@hawkmtn.org

Ph.D. Biology. Joined the staff in 2011.
After completing an academic internship with Hawk Mountain in the fall of 2002, JF returned nine years later as Senior Research Biologist. Leading the Sanctuary’s research projects in the Arctic, JF is also involved in several studies including the movement ecology of New World Vultures and Peregrine Falcons across the Americas.

When he's not monitoring the long-term American kestrel nest-box program or helping with the migration counts from the Sanctuary’s lookout, JF can be found teaching statistics to interns or enjoying life with his wife and two young children.

David Barber

David with a wing-tagged vulture

Research Biologist
570-943-3411 x105 or x110 or barber@hawkmtn.org

M.S. Zoology
David is responsible for all Sanctuary GIS mapping projects and has single handedly entered 283,000 'locational fixes' that make up the findings from our long-term New World vulture research. He also conducts stewardship and monitoring programs, helps to conduct the annual count, and to train interns, particularly in wingtagging techniques and the use of mapping software. David is talented birder-by-ear and skilled naturalist who can be found out and about, working to complete the breeding bird, butterfly and other annual surveys on the Sanctuary.  

An award-winning brewer, David is our resident beer connoisseur, and enjoys working with his hunting dogs and being outdoors. He resides in Orwigsburg with his wife Patti.

Todd Bauman

Todd cuts stone for the Common Room retaining wall

Director of Land and Facilities
610-756-6961 or bauman@hawkmountain.org

B.S. Environmental Science.
A former law enforcement agent, Todd has 15 years experience in facilities management, visitor safety and science-based land stewardship. His additional skills in interpretive education, grant fulfillment, volunteer management and public relations make him ideal for supervising all aspects of visitor relations and safety, and facilities upgrades that meet the mission. Todd's most recent project has been serving as Project Manager on the Common Room Improvement Project, and recently, he and Ryan Beltz established the Hawk Mountain Conservation Corps, a service learning program for local teens that shares outdoor skills and important conservation lessons, in exchange for hard work on behalf of the members.

Todd resides on-site in historical Schaumbach's Tavern, and is the proud father of two sons and a daughter, all in college. When he's not fully immersed in the Mountain, he likely has embarked on a new outdoor adventure, be it backpacking, canoeing, hiking or climbing.  

Erin Brown

Director of Education
610-756-6000 x208 or brown@hawkmountain.org

M.Ed., Education, Kutztown University. B.A., Biology, College of Charleston, NC.
Joined the staff in 2014.

Erin develops, directs, coordinates and implements the Hawk Mountain education program, including curriculum and program development, evaluation and strategic planning, and oversees the professional and volunteer educators and raptor handlers.  She also coordinates school group visits to the Sanctuary, weekend programs and other educational programming, and works to strategically grow Hawk Mountain's role as a global leader in raptor education.

Erin brings to the Mountain experience in both the public school system where she worked as a Life Science Teacher at the Parkland Area School District, as well as the state park system, where she held past positions as an environmental educator and volunteer coordinator for Tuscarora and Locust Lake State Parks. Her broad-based experience includes leading teacher workshops, developing science-based curriculum, directing eco camps, and work within the school system to develop new science curriculums and create STEMM-related activities.

Erin's outdoor teaching certifications include the Project WILD, Project WET and WOW!, the Project WILD Aquatic, the Pa Songbirds, and the WWF Pa Biodiversity curriculums, and ten years of hands-on experience in handling and caring for live raptors and using them as tools for learning.

A long-time education volunteer and member of the Carbon County Environmental Center, Brown is a senior Girl Scout leader in Douglassville, and has received awards for professional excellence from the Carbon County Conservation District, the Schuylkill County Visitor’s Bureau, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Kutztown University College of Education. She currently resides with her husband Eric and her three children in Birdsboro where the entire Brown family enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Rachel Taras

Education Specialist
610-756-6000 x210 or taras@hawkmountain.org
Rachel is no stranger to the mountain having worked as a Seasonal Educator for several years prior to joining the full-time staff in 2013. Leading guided groups, presenting weekend programs and providing interpretation for visitors, it's clear that she is a natural teacher.

Prior to her position at the mountain, she received a B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education from Cedar Crest College and completed an internship at the Carbon County Environmental Education Center where she learned to handle and care for captive raptors. Most recently, she completed a M.S. in Ecological Teaching and Learning at Lesley University, completed an internship with PA State Parks and continues to volunteer with several local conservation organizations.
When she isn't engaged in outdoor adventures like hiking, biking and canoeing, you can find Rachel dog walking, reading books, and attending Gabriel Chamber Ensemble concerts.

Adam J. Carter

610-756-6000 x209 or carter@hawkmountain.org

B.A. Environmental Science. Joined the staff in 2014.
As an educator, Adam interacts with visitors on a daily basis and informs them about migration ecology and raptor natural history.

Prior to joining the full-time staff, he worked as a seasonal educator, leading guided field trips at the Sanctuary, and also served as an official counter during the 2013 Autumn Hawk Watch. His past experience includes several years working as a field technician for environmental organizations such as The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and Manu National Park in Peru, and he also is a graduate of the Hawk Mountain Conservation Science Traineeship Program.

Adam hails from Pottstown, PA, in his spare time, enjoys mountain biking, reading and birding. Adam is passionate about the outdoors and hopes to help educate visitors about raptor conservation, both locally and globally.

Tammy Jandrasitz

Tammy with Talon, mascot for the LV Steelhawks

Membership and Volunteer Manager
Contact: 610-756-6000 x215 or jandrasitz@hawkmountain.org

BA English. Joined the staff in 1998.
Tammy can be found writing and producing membership acquisitions, renewals and other mailings, and working with the staff to identify volunteer needs and match them with interested individuals. In her job she oversees more than 10,000 individuals in the Hawk Mountain database, and organizes all aspects of the Sanctuary's annual Gala and Hawk Mountain Hill Climb among other events. Her latest project has been working to convert data and combine both the volunteer and membership database, and research new approaches to member acquisition.

In her spare time Tammy shares with college students her expertise in baton twirling, and since 2002, has served as director for both colorguard and twirling for Kutztown University band front. An avid sports fan, Tammy roots for Penn State and the Philadelphia Phillies, and enjoys spending time at home with her dog Nittany.

Shelley Davenport

Business Manager
610-756-6000 x204 or davenport@hawkmountain.org

Joined the staff in 2006.
Besides acting as liaison between the staff and board, Shelley also has a dual role that includes paying the bills and monitoring cash flow, as well as serving as primary point person for staff on their healthcare and other benefits. When she wears the financial hat, she processes invoices and bills, and works closely with staff and the finance committee on budgeting, financial reports and ensuring proper gift stewardship. When the human resources hat is on, she maintains required documentation and personnel files, and is the contact person for insurance and other benefit representatives. Her latest project has been work to streamline and improve computer costs and maintenance.

Shelley resides in Orwigsburg with her husband David and teenage daughter and takes great pleasure in caring for and enjoying her many pets, including four horses, three dogs, one cat, several fish, and most recently, a pygmy goat.

Mary-Therese Grob

Bookstore Manager
610-756-6000 x200 or grob@hawkmountain.org

BS, Parks and Recreation.
As Bookstore Manager, Mary-Therese (or "MT") oversees all aspects of both visitor services and merchandise sales, including greeting visitors, answering questions, selling and tracking trail admissions, as well as managing inventory and ordering, and promoting membership. 

MT was (and still is!) an avid birder and long-time Sanctuary volunteer before joining the staff, and has been visiting the Sanctuary since the first grade. It's no surprise, then, that she loves to meet the many people who share her enthusiasm for nature and the Sanctuary and to help them have the most enjoyable visit possible.

When she's not in the bookstore you can usually find MT somewhere outside, either birding, hiking or walking her dog Zeke. She and her husband Pat reside in Hamburg.

Mary Linkevich

Mary in the Visitor Center on her way to the trail

Director of Communications & Grants
610-756-6000 x211 or linkevich@hawkmountain.org

BA English. Joined the staff in 2001.
Mary oversees communications at Hawk Mountain including the Sanctuary's media relations program, website and social networking outlets, and production of brochures, posters and other printed pieces including Hawk Mountain News. She also helps craft messaging, edits copy, and prepares grant proposals and reports, and is responsible for strategic branding. Mary is the secretary of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association, an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, and a former board member of the Schuylkill County Visitor Bureau.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, spending time outdoors, and resides with her boyfriend in Tamaqua.

Ryan Beltz

Ryan at work

610-756-6961 x220 or beltz@hawkmountain.org

Ryan has a long history with Hawk Mountain, having worked as a volunteer throughout high school and as seasonal employee on busy autumn weekends. A skilled outdoorsman and naturalist, he fits into the Land and Facilities department well, assisting in all aspects of visitor service and facilities management, and overseeing special projects.

In 2012 Ryan spearheaded improvements at the Aspen Cut Campground including building a timber frame pavilion and installing hand-made wooden tent frames for each of the six sites. In addition to his regular duties, he also oversees the Native Plant Garden, including coordinating work by the weekly garden volunteers, and helps Tammy with the annual Hawk Mountain Hill Climb. His most recent project has been plans to upgrade the garden, and already a new greenhouse is in place, with a new entrance in the work.

Ryan has many interests and skills off the mountain including hiking, running, rock climbing, travel and literature, and has been known to spend his summers leading groups of troubled youth in Alaska or taking a solo motorcycle trip south along the coast of California and into Central America.

Allen Kohn

Allen at the crosswalk

610-756-6961 x217 or kohn@hawkmountain.org

In 2001, Allen retired from his practice as a psychotherapist, and moved from Chicago with his wife Carol to be closer to family. Allen accepted the position of caretaker in order to spend time outdoors and work with his hands, and he found both at Hawk Mountain.

We're lucky he wasn't ready for full retirement. Allen is a talented woodworker, mechanic and all-around excellent handyman, and oversees many special projects, such as building a new exhibit case, designing a custom raptor travel carrier, building a specialized storage and transport case for a life-size bald eagle model and more. His recent projects include considerable time sanding and staining original oak floors at the Common Room, and creating a handcrafted wooden gavel that can be passed down from one board chairman to the next.

When he's not at Hawk Mountain, Allen may be traveling with his wife, visiting his children or grandchildren, or spending time in his woodshop.

Wendy Frew

Acopian Center Operations & Intern Coordinator
570-943-3411 x101 or frew@hawkmtn.org

BS Graphic Design. Joined the staff in 2007.
Wendy is responsible for all scheduling, overnight stays, and the many details that ensure smooth operations at this three-building research and training center. She also oversees all Sanctuary reprints and maintenance of its 3,000-volume library, and as a graphic designer, she often provides her expertise on new publications and other print projects. in her role as intern coordinator, she arranges for visa and makes travel arrangements, and monitors all the schedules and logistics that go along with hosting up to eight residential trainees from different backgrounds.

Wendy is very active in the regional theater community and an enthusiastic member of her alumni band.

Tara Burke

Tara at the 10th Anniversary of the Acopian Center

Bookstore Assistant
610-756-6961 or burke@hawkmountain.org

Joined the staff in 2011.
Tara helps ensure smooth operations of the bookstore, a large majority of which is providing top notch visitor services and greeting every person who enters the Visitor Center. As an avid outdoor enthusiast with a personal interest in birds and native plants, Tara is great at answering questions and helping to orient first-timers.

Tara and her husband live at the base of Hawk Mountain where they are envied by other staff for living 'off the grid' in their green home.


Jane Lugano

9:49 AM on October 30, 2013
Well I congratulate Hawk Mountain Staff and volunteers for their great job to keep Hawk Mountain Developing,Hawk Mountain is a wonderful place to visit.

John Unell

9:33 AM on September 22, 2014
My hat is off to all of the wonderful staff and volunteers there at Hawk Mountain! I can truly say that it is my second home. Thanks for being there and for your conservation message! I can truly say that not only do you talk about conservation but it is practiced as well! Keep up the great work at Hawk Mountain!

Peter Mathara

9:34 AM on October 30, 2014
It was to see That laurie Goodrich and Keith Bildstein are still at The Hawk Mountain.

I was an intern at the Hawk Mountain in Fall of 1993.

God bless Hawk Mountain
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