Visitor Guides


School in the Clouds

Make the most of your field-trip to Hawk Mountain and start your day with a program by one of our Educators. Introductions and Guided Group programs are available throughout the year.  Groups are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Scheduling 6-8 weeks in advance is recommended during peak seasons (April-May and September-November).

Trail Fees: There is a trail fee for each participant in addition to the program cost. A 20% discount on trail fees may be available to groups registering more than 2 weeks in advance. Children 6-12 $3; Adults - $6; Seniors - $5. On Autumn weekends (Sept-Nov) and Columbus Day: Children 6-12, $4, Adults and Seniors - $8

Chaperones: We recommend 1 chaperone /5 students to accompany all groups.

To Schedule: Phone: 610-756-6000, ext. 210

Raptors Over the Ridge Introduction

Time: Weekdays; 30-40 minutes

Cost: $75, plus student and adult trail fees

Limit: 75 students, groups larger than 75 meet in Amphitheater & Outdoor Classroom

Your group will receive an overview of the Sanctuary by an Educator or trained volunteer. Discussion will include natural history, raptor identification, migration information and Sanctuary guidelines. Then, you're off to explore the Sanctuary on your own!

Raptors Over the Ridge Introduction plus Lookout Interpretation

Time: Weekdays; 1 hour

Cost: $125, plus student and adult trail fees

Limit: 75 students

Includes an overview of the Sanctuary, natural history, raptor identification, migration information PLUS a guided walk to South Lookout and flight interpretation and review of local landmarks. Then, you continue exploring the Sanctuary on your own.

Raptors Over the Ridge Introduction plus Raptor Presentation

Time: Weekdays; 45 minutes

Cost: $175, plus student and adult trail fees

Limit: 75 students, group larger than 75 meets in Amphitheater & Outdoor Classroom

In addition to learning about natural history, raptor identification, migration information and Sanctuary guidelines, your groups will spend time getting an up-close and personal look at one of our educational raptors.

Mountain Discovery Guided Hike

Time: Weekdays; 3-4 hours

Cost: $250, plus student and adult trail fees. We recommend 1 adult chaperone/5 students

Limit: 60 students per group pending Instructor availability

This program begins with a 45 minute introduction to raptors, migration and Sanctuary history and then a live raptor presentation. Each student is given a pair of binoculars to use for the day with instruction on proper use. Explore Appalachian flora and fauna as your group hikes to one of the Sanctuary's Lookouts where students practice newly acquired binocular skills and identify raptors on migration.

Students must bring a lunch and water carried in a daypack.

The Acorn Project

Time: Weekdays; 2-2.5 hours

Cost: $150, plus $3/child trail fee (adult chaperones are free)

Limit: Up to 2nd grade. Group size is a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 students.

Students spend approximately 30 minutes learning about the Appalachian forest and are introduced to a live raptor.  Then, students head outside to collect acorns and leaves and explore the forest.  After the walk, students return to the classroom ready to sort their leaves and dissect acorns helping them discover how these items are connected and how each one benefits the forest. Teachers are encouraged to bring along a snack for young students.

North Lookout Trail Hike for Adults

Time: varies

Cost: Please contact the Education Dept. for details

Limit: Group size is a minimum of 10 adults. Program is intended for private adult groups only.

Program begins at the Visitor Center with an introduction to the Sanctuary and follows the trail to North Lookout. Groups will be provided with in-depth information about the Sanctuary’s flora and fauna and unique cultural and natural history. Ideal for small corporate outings, all proceeds will directly benefit Hawk Mountain education programs. 

Self-Guided Groups

You may choose to lead your own group without the help of sanctuary Educators. Please review our Guiding Your Own Group Guide before your visit for registration procedures and pointers on preparing for your trip.