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Weekend Programs

Saturdays & Sundays, Spring and Autumn
FREE with trail fee. No registration is ever required. Weekend programs are great for groups, families or individuals, and first-time visitors are encouraged to incorporate one or more into your day's visit.

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M&T Bank's Raptors Up Close!

11 am & 2 pm
April 11-June 7, 2015

10 am, noon, and 2 pm 
September 6-November 15, 2015

Held in the Outdoor Amphitheater or indoors in the event of inclement weather.  No trail fee necessary.

Sponsored by M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
We thank our corporate sponsor for making this program possible

Hawk Mountain's signature live raptor program, Raptors Up Close! offers the chance to see live hawks and owls, and to learn what puts these winged predators at the top of nature's food chain. This program guarantees that you will see a live raptor during your visit and is appropriate for visitors of all ages. 

Trapping & Tracking

11 am near South Lookout
April 11- May 10, 2015 

11:30 & 2:30 pm near South Lookout
September 5- November 15, 2015 

Meet international trainees and learn from them the tools and technologies used to study long-distance migrants. This program is informative and entertaining, with lots of hands-on samples for you to look at and touch, and includes information on satellite and radio telemetry, wing-tagging, and the importance of counting migrating hawks.  Rain cancels, trail fee applies.

Binoculars Basics

10 am near South Lookout
April 11- May 10, 2015

9:30 and 12:30 am near South Lookout
September 5- November 15, 2015 

Binoculars are an amazing tool for wildlife watching and study. This program offers the perfect platform for beginners of all ages to learn about the basic functions while holding a pair of optics in their hands and using them in an aunthentic outdoor setting.  Rain cancels, trail fee applies.

Name that Raptor

Photo by Phil Campbell

12:30 am at North Lookout
April 11- May 10, 2015

10:30 am & 1:30 pm at Laurelwood Niche
September 5- November 15, 2015

Learn to ID Hawk Mountain’s common raptors with a little help from a Hawk Mountain trainee and their helpful guides that show you the key field marks to watch for in the sky. The program also covers the basic size differences, shapes and behaviors that help you key in on the correct species, as well as how to watch for the silhouette of a bird that is soaring overhead.  Rain cancels, trail fee applies.

Native Plant Garden

A group of students scans the pond for the painted turtle. Photo by Jeff Glover.

The Native Plant Garden is open daily, year-round, and offers a wonderful range of native species that benefit and attract birds, beneficial insects, butterflies and other wildlife. Browse on your own through the accessible walkway, stop by the pond and look for amphibians and turtles, and consider bringing your camera for close-up shots of wildflowers and wildlife.

Based on availability, garden outreach volunteers are on duty on some weekends, in which case, times will be post. Look for the "Naturalist in the Garden" sign, or visit during the spring and autumn Native Plant Sale to learn more and start planting your own native species at home.

History of Hawk Mountain

10 am at The Slide
May 30-August 15
This program is subject to change based on educator availability, so check first at the Visitor Center. Held at "The Slide," this is a historic site of hawk shooting that occured before the founding of Hawk Mountain. The Slide is located off the Lookout Trail, just beyond the junction with trail to Sunset Overlook and is so named for the gravity railroad that once existed there. Cars used to "slide" down into the Little Schuylkill River, and unfortunately, the very steep grade made it rather uneffective for this use. Stone foundation from this early industry still exists in this area.

About the program: Learn the facinating history of Hawk Mountain, going back to the native Lenni Lanape, to the smoldering charcoal burns, to industrial age of sand mining, which likely introduced locals to the migration that can be observed from this ridge. Learn how Hawk Mountain turned from popular shooting stand to world famous Sanctuary, and the role of our founder Rosalie Edge and its early caretakers, Maurice and Irma Broun.