Silhouette Trail

Take a walk next to birds in flight!

The Silhouette Trail is the newly renamed ADA accessible trail that meanders through Hawk Mountain's ridge-top forest between the Trail Head and South Lookout. This alternative route to South Lookout is 900 feet long and does not exceed an 8.3% grade, making it wheelchair accessible. 

The trail currently features a trail-side gallery with life-size, in-flight silhouettes of 7 of Latin America's endangered birds of prey, including the crowned eagle, cuban kite, grey-backed hawk, Gundlach's hawk, harpy eagle, white-collared kite, and Ridgway's hawk. 

The one-of-a-kind silhouettes will remain in place through the summer. In the future, other species of raptors will be featured, as well.

A free brochure describing these displayed vultures is available at the trail entrance, and you can also download it by clicking here

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