Using Hawk Mountain as a Classroom Resource

1 credit Teacher Workshop through Schuylkill Intermediate Unit

Our Teacher's Guide, classroom lessons and powerpoint presentations are designed to be resources that will help you incorporate additional learning into your current curriculum. A few of the topics included are:

  • Raptor biology
  • Adaptations
  • Migration
  • Appalachian ecology
  • Hawk Mountain History and early land uses

Teacher Guide

Classroom Lessons

The Bald Eagle Activity "The Basics of Biomagnification" includes information on the Bald Eagle and its recovery from DDT.  Your students will understand how and why the Bald Eagle became endangered, its role in the food chain and reasons for its comeback.  These activities focus on skills in Math, Science, and Geography and are appropriate for grades 4th-7th.  Download both the activity and questions to accompany your current curriculum. 

Bald Eagle Activity

Student Questions

First Flight With Raptors - Activities that introduce kindergarten students to basic biology concepts using birds of prey as the focus. Activities

Raptor Egg Hunt - An alternative to the traditional Easter Egg hunt that teaches children about raptor eggs and nests. Lesson plan.

Lesson plans are constantly being reviewed and updated, be sure to check back often as we add additional resources for use in the classroom.

Don't forget to also check our RaptorPedia, Kids and Fun Links pages for more information on raptors and other links you might find useful.

Learning About Raptors - A PowerPoint Show

This PowerPoint is intended for teachers or parents who want a visual way to help children learn about raptors.  It was designed for students at the elementary school level, but can be adapted for older students as well.  Below is a script to accompany this presentation. We hope that it will assist you in answering further questions about raptors and migration.

Learning About Raptors - Script for a PowerPoint Show

This script is intended to accompany the above PowerPoint show.

Learning About Raptors - in Spanish

Preparing for your Field Trip - PowerPoint Show

This PowerPoint show is intended for teachers or parents to prepare their students for a visit to Hawk Mountain.  It provides general visitor guidelines and an overview of what to bring and what to expect during your field-trip. 

Raptor Activity Book Download

Teacher Workshop through Schuylkill IU

Hawk Mountain and Schuylkill IU have worked together to bring this 1 credit course to teachers. For more info, click here.

More Links for Teachers

Additional educational links about raptors, migration and birds.