Hawk Mountain Curricula

TRACKING DOWN Education Success!

Hawk Mountain has developed 2 curricula thanks to support from the Wild Resource Conservation Program. The broad-winged hawk and black vulture curricula connect educators with the monitoring research of the Sanctuary's scientists.

These species are being tracked by satellite telemetry, and the lesson plans provide ways to compare and learn about 2 locally nesting species of raptors with vastly differing migratory journeys. Both curricula incorporate technology into the classroom and are FREE to use. They will soon be available in Spanish. 

The broad-wing curriculum, An Ecological Profile of the Broad-winged Hawk, is designed for high school students and explores the study of movement ecology using Google Earth Pro.

  • interdisciplinary unit connecting ecology with geography and mathematics
  • track individual birds
  • study the ecological niches they inhabit on their 6200 mile round trip migration
  • aligned to PDE and NGS Standards

The black vulture curriculum, Movement Ecology of a Non-Migratory Raptor: The Black Vulture, is designed for middle level students and explores the movements of a non-migratory raptor using Google Earth and "R" visualization software. 

  • analyze movement patterns and data of individual birds
  • make inferences about the life history of the black vulture
  • includes extensions that incorporate reading and creative writing
  • aligned to PDE and NGS Standards

Spring 2017 Education Interns Kirsen Fuller and Zoey Greenberg assisted with development of these curricula. 

Kestrel Webcam Curricula

We thank Lyric Wild Bird Food for sponsoring the April 2017 Kestrel Webcam Teacher Workshop.

Webcam journals, classroom activities, complete curricula, tools and more are available by contacting Director of Education Erin Brown at 610-756-6000  x208.

View video clips from 2017.

Baldrige Assets, Oct 9