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Kestrel by Lyle Russell

Hawk Mountain is one of the best places to spend time outdoors and learn more about hawks, eagles and falcons. Be sure to explore our RaptorPedia, see how many hawks are flying during the migration, and return soon to see our growing list of fun downloads to learn more about birds of prey.


Cool Facts About Raptors

The Raptors of Hawk Mountain

Provides information and colored illustrations of the Sanctuary's 16 species of migrating raptors. Great for all ages!

All of our coloring books are available for download from our website or for purchase on

Kestrels of the World - A Coloring Book

The Vultures of Africa - A Coloring Book

The Vultures of Africa - A Coloring Book (in French)

Downloadable Raptor Activity Book

Spiral-bound copies of the "New World Vultures Activity Book for Children" are available for purchase through the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Bookstore. 

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