Distance Education Programs

Bring Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to your classroom!

Financial, transportation, geographic, and time constraints can prevent schools and other groups from taking field trips.  Distance education allows your students to learn about raptors without attending the Sanctuary.

Learning is facilitated via the Skype videoconferencing platform and supports incorporating technology in the classroom (STEM).  Student-educator interactions and feedback are essential for effective instruction.  This student engagement is assured via the use of a raptor trunk filled with learning materials used during the program and sent prior to the program. 

Program topics can include: the history of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, raptor adaptations, migration strategies, types of raptors, trapping and tracking (data and migration movements), conservation efforts, and a live raptor.  Programs can be modified according to classroom needs.  Programs are aligned with the PA Department of Education’s Environment and Ecology Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Raptor trunks are available for elementary, middle school, and high school levels and contain materials and resources for use before, during, and after the program. 

Programs are FREE thanks to a generous donation.

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Message from the Director

HMS Distance Education and the Classroom

Raptor Trunks

Travelling Raptor Trunk for elementary level students.

Classrooms participating in a distance education program receive a raptor trunk before the program.  The trunk contains materials to be used during the program, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience.  It also contains additional lesson plans and resources that can be used with students prior to or after the program. 

Trunks are differentiated for elementary, middle level, and high school level students.  For example, the elementary trunk offers compare and contrast of adaptations, the middle level trunk houses comparative anatomy materials, and the high school trunk contains a working radio telemetry unit.  Taxidermy mounts can also be included based upon availability. Raptor trunks are available for elementary and middle school levels at this time, and the high school level trunk will be available in May. 

Trunks are delivered or mailed with free return postage.

What to Expect: Video clips of the program

Overview of the Program


An Interactive Experience


History of the Sanctuary


Raptor Adaptations


Live Raptor

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